Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Discover the Powerful #Secret to #Working your #Karma so your #Life Works for you. Why are you here?


In a rut? Do the same repetitive things haunt you and blunt your success? Are your relationships suffering? Stressed, exhausted, burnt-out, anxious, feeling confused, wondering what this crazy life is about? Want to discover how to use your time and energy more effectively and efficiently by discovering the reason, purpose and mission for being in this life?

Join Doctor Lynn: Here’s an opportunity to work with Doctor Lynn an internationally recognized speaker, author and producer; A naturopath, yoga therapist and karma master guide who will teach you how to use your karma to work through any fears, uncertainties and/or ignorance that may be overshadowing your ability to succeed.    

Discover the Powerful Secret to Working your Karma so your Life Work for you; a practical guide that will take you from questioning, to finding the answers to life’s most pressing questions; what is the meaning and purpose of my life and what is it I am here to do? 

Doesn’t matter how old you are, or what you are doing this guide will be invaluable when it comes to making your life healthier, easier, happier and more peaceful.


Once you learn how to identify and use your karma your life will begin to work for you in more positive and purposeful ways.   But it takes work – that’s karma. However, once you learn how to work your karma life gets easier and less complicated. You then begin to reap the rewards of an enriched, enhanced and prosperous life.

I went from a single mother on welfare to a highly educated, financially secure, successful author, speaker, teacher and producer using this guide. If I can do it, so can you; but it takes work. Just remember, no one gets anything unless it is earned; this is the eternal law of life.  If you are ready to make your life easier and more successful join me live for this 10-week class that will change your life by changing the way you work your karma! Register today – early bird spots are limited.

Early bird – one time offer $149 – you’ll get 10 weeks – one-hour weekly sessions, live with Doctor Lynn. Normally this would cost you $250 an hour for a consultation – that’s $2500 for ten weeks! You save over $2000!   All sessions are recorded so you will have access to all ten classes. You’ll also get a free digital download of the book; Discover the Powerful Secret to Working your Karma so your Life Works for you: by Doctor Lynn


Live class begins September 11th for more information info@doctorlynn.com


A good teacher shows the student where to look, but not what to see - I hope to be that karma teacher for you


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