Thursday, January 20, 2011

A Successful Life Learning something new and staying young

Last night was the second week of my French class. I’m taking French classes because it is something I’ve always wanted to do but never seemed to find the money and the time. In my life I have found that when I want to do something or find something all I have to do is put it out into the universe and wait until the time is right. That’s how I found the French class. I decide that this year would be the year that I would study French. I am going to France in May and want to be able to speak a little French.

I was having dinner at a restaurant and saw a brochure for a language institute here in Beverly Hills that offers language classes. French of course was one of them. I had been thinking about getting CDs but this was even better. Now I had no excuse. The sign-up was easy.

The next day after I signed up for the French class I heard a researcher on the radio talk about finding that older adults who learn a new language improve their cognitive skills. It is more challenging than crossword puzzles or math because it calls upon the brain to also develop new concepts. Language is conceptual and creative. Perfect, I thought, not only am I learning a language but I’m improving my thinking skills! I can feel the brain fog dissipating.

I just had a birthday and although I do not look or act my age, I am still aging. Now I had a way to keep the brain strong and add a new dimension to my life. I am becoming bi-lingual. I am about to let my little French girl come out! I feel younger and sexier already!

The French have a secret. They enjoy a glass of wine with their meal every day. Just one glass. The French do not drink to get drunk. They drink the wine because they love good food and wine. Research shows that although the French eat rich foods they are very healthy. Seems the wine improves circulation and cognition as well as enhances sexuality.

I think I’ve found the secret to longevity and fun. Learn a new language and drink a glass of wine a day. Makes you sexier, smarter and more fun. May-be it’s not so bad getting a little older. Having the time and money to play sure makes it fun!

Doctor Lynn

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