Saturday, August 11, 2018

A Karma Yoga Moment- The Ego



The ego is a storage bank that holds and interprets particular experiences according to how “I” perceive “me”. However, this perception of reality is unreal from the standpoint that perceptions are transitory and ever changing. “I” am not the same “me” that existed even a moment ago.  When you remove the sensory world all that is left is memory which also changes with time.  Some memories fade and others get distorted.

The ego is not a negative thing nor is it meant to be destroyed. The ego is a tool that allows us to interrupt our experiences. It protects us and shields us from self-destruction. The problem is in believing that the ego’s point of view is the final reality.  The ego interrupts reality as the “I” seeing “me” from a one-sided point of view; it’s view. When this happens we stop processing our experiences and become transfixed in a world of competition. Reality becomes the “I” against “you”.  Look at what you did to me!

The yoga term of this is ignorance. The only way to transcend this ignorance is to detach from the experience and connect with the karmic lesson. What is it about this experience “I” am here to learn about “me”?

“I” can perceive “me” in a variety of ways, but that is only my interpretation and not necessarily the way others perceive “me”.  Realizing that your own perception of reality is not the only reality, the path of karma yoga teaches you to dig deeper into an understanding of life so that you might discover who “I” am; you are the observer free from the limited view of the ego. “I” now perceives “me” and “you” as one.  Life is an opportunity to learn, know and master, not the world or others, but the “I” who perceives “me.”

Doctor Lynn      

Saturday, August 04, 2018

#Yoga #Today ~ What is #Karma?

Karma is present energy that, under certain conditions, changes from invisible to visible form. We look upon these manifestations as either rewarding or punishing when in fact they are simply results of past actions and attitudes. Basically life becomes what life does.


All creation is the result of energy. The process of creation is change. So remember everything that happens is the result of past action, whether it happened a minute ago or lifetimes ago. Karma is a result of the past. Let’s begin with a focus on action that will produce balance, flexibility, strength and peace for the body, mind and soul.


Karma upholds the law of universal justice in that it answers the question; where is there justice in the world? There is no such thing as justice. That’s why we need laws.  The law of Karma states there are no reward or punishments in life. Everything that happens is simply cause and effect.  Actions produce result so act wisely because Life becomes what life does.

Namaste ~ I celebrate the place where our souls meet

Doctor Lynn