Saturday, April 22, 2017

Life’s Biggest Question – Where am I going and what am I doing here?

At some point in everyone’s life the question of meaning will surface. With it comes questions about the design of things, what is the purpose and meaning of our lives, who am I and what happens when earth life ends? We all wrestle with these questions at various times in our lives, no matter what our station, preference, color, gender or creed.

Although these questions can arise when we are on top of the world, they are usually asked when we come face to face with the dark side of life, or what is known as a crisis. The Chinese have a symbol for crisis that means both danger and opportunity. That is because a crisis can also be an opportunity. Within the center of any crisis lay the seed of opportunity. Finding this seed is discovering the steps to Soul Walking.

Nothing in life comes without give and take, and sacrifice. All of life moves in a transition from birth to death. In between we give and we receive both pleasure and pain.  Life has a perfect accounting system where everything gets balanced. The drama and striving of life, with all its ups and downs, always brings us back to the status quo; where are you now?  The irony of life is that all our outward striving and drama always add up to zero. We take none of them with us when we depart this world. What we do take is our experiences and how we used them to define who we have become. This is the path. This is the journey. This is where you are going and why you are here.

It is suggested that you:

Be kind, honest, content, detached (but not indifferent). Be pure, generous, moderate and devoted. These are the guidepost for the journey known as soul walking.
Doctor Lynn

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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Suggestions for a Better World


The Yamas and Niyamas are simply suggestion or guidepost for living a better life.

Remember it is always possible to take the yamas and the niyams too strictly. Don’t worry about remembering them. You can always refer back. These are simply suggestion and as such are meant to be flexible. By following your soulful path you will come to realize that a set of instruction for life cannot be written. Each and every circumstance in life will be different. In the acceptance of your humanness and the precarious nature of life, your soul will be at ease and with this understanding clarity will come to you. This clarity is soul walking and will keep you on the spiritual path.  

The body is your vehicle. The mind is your GPS. Your soul is the driver. Without a well running body and a clear sense of navigation it is impossible to make the journey. Take care of your body and your mind. They are the instruments of the soul. All of life only exists because everything must coexist. Nothing exists in isolation. Pay careful attention to what you do with your body and what you let occupy your mind.

It is suggested that you:

Be kind, honest, content, detached (but not indifferent). Be pure, generous, moderate and devoted. These are the guidepost for soul walking.
Doctor Lynn

Saturday, April 08, 2017

Centering on your Isvar – Finding Your Life Mission

In a pure yoga sense this means to devote your energy towards a higher power. This is about devotion not to an idol, but to your chosen endeavor. Your Isvar is that aspect of life that you devote yourself to with unreserved, unequivocal, absolute and total dedication.  This of course should be done in thought, word and deed.

What we devote ourselves to is what we become. By devoting ourselves to something larger than ourselves we have the opportunity to achieve a state of harmony with life. In the truest sense your Isvar is what you choose as the basis for your devotion. It begins with what inspires you. Yoga suggests we become inspired by that which gives us meaning. Anything that is done because it is meaningful in and of itself will bring you to your Isvar.

Our devotion does not need to be fixed nor should it be. Life is ever changing and the flexibility we apply will allow for growth and opportunity. This is a paradox in that we all desire to be free and untethered and yet the desire to merge with our Isvar constantly tugs at our consciousness. We all want to find and establish meaning in our lives.  Meaning requires devotion and devotion requires discipline Therefore we must devote ourselves so that we become what we seek.

What inspires us can lead us to devotion. This sense of devotion brings with it a more creative and peaceful life where we experience the divine moving within us and all around us.  It allows us to see the divine in ourselves and in all we encounter. This is the true nature of unconditional devotion and that is what leads us to our Isvar.

When seeking your Isvar choose wisely. Your Isvar is a reflection of you.  For it to bring you happiness you must be clear about your intentions. Stay open and flexible and allow the energy of life to move through you and all around you.

Let’s get started -


Once upon a time there were two medical students. One was interested in fame and money. The other wanted to heal and help people. The first student struggled everyday with his studies while the other student found joy because the studying in and of itself brought him satisfaction. For the student waiting for fame and money every day was painful.

When we experience the deep devotion and passion expressed through our Isvar, we are lifted to a place where our Isvar becomes a way of life expressed through our daily living.  It is the journey where our endless searching arrives at a place of union where our Isvar and our earthly journey become one. This is Soul Walking

Choose wisely with a gentle sense of unconditional love. Whatever you choose, seek your own inner light and follow it with devotion. In this you will find your Isvar.

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, April 01, 2017

Self-study is the fourth Niyama .

Self-study means to seek out knowledge that supports your health, gives you clarity, helps you to discover truthfulness and brings harmony to your life.  This should be done in thoughts, words and deeds.

With any type of study the cooperation of the body is needed. The health and welfare of your body is therefore very important. Correct posture, proper breathing and caring for your health allows you to study yourself and all the component parts of your body, mind and soul. By understanding what your body can do you can direct it to control your thoughts and your words.

Understanding yourself you begin to understand all of life. This consciousness is then used to expand outward towards others. Use yoga to study yourself. When in a pose are you comfortable or stiff? When the body is free of all toxins (pride) physically and mentally it is fluid. If it is stiff and tense it will break.

Once upon a time there was a mighty tree and a small weed sitting by the river bank. The tree looked down at the weed and said, “Hey you puny little weed, how you can stand next to me? I am tall and strong. Aren’t you embarrassed? People will see you next to me and laugh at you. Why don’t you move somewhere else?”

The weed replied, “Tree I did not come here purposely. I just happen to be here. Please pardon my appearance.”

The next day a heavy rain came inundating the jungle and causing a heavy flood. When a river floods it erodes the banks and pulls down anything in its way. With tremendous force the water tore the tree from its roots. But the humble weed bent down and flattened itself letting the water run over it. When the flood passed the weed rose up looking around it wondered what happened to the tree. In the distance it could hear the tree. “I’m being pulled down the river. I should have been humble, simple and flexible like you.”

We need to be strong like steel. But remember steel is also flexible. Crude iron is strong and hard, but it breaks. Just like the weed be humble and flexible in body, mind and soul.  Removing toxic energy keeps the body and the mind healthy. A healthy body – mind keeps the soul on the spiritual path.

Intellectually seek knowledge that supports your health. Remember your words indicate the nature of your being. Choose them wisely. Walk the path of self-knowledge grounded in compassion and understanding. This is soul walking.  Be knowledgeable.

Doctor  Lynn


Saturday, March 25, 2017

The Power to Attain the Unattainable

Austerity is the third niyama. Austerity simply means that on all levels; physically, verbally and intellectually we should develop the power to withstand hunger, thirst, heat, cold and other earthly discomforts so as to attain the unattainable. Without hardships and challenges we never develop self-discipline and self-discipline is needed to attain contentment and thus happiness.

When you over eat, over drink, over spend, or over worry do you ever feel content and happy?  Austerity means to keep our mind focused, your words meaningful and your deeds soulfully powerful. Over indulgence ultimately leads to pain. We need balance.

Austerity means to practice self-discipline. It means to stop the mind from clinging to desires. Although it may seem painful and difficult to stop the mind from running after pleasure in the end it will bring you happiness.

No one wants to experience pain, but if truly understood, when someone hurts you, you will thank them because they have given you a great opportunity to practice strength and stability.  It is much easier to give pain than to receive it and remain calm. It takes tremendous strength to not react and instead learn from the experience. Austerity means a steady calm mind no matter what the circumstances.    

Words are very important. They should be spoken with tranquility, be truthful, pleasant and beneficial. If something is true and unpleasant, make it pleasant. From your mind practice compassion and understanding. Then act with self-control.

The Gita a Sanskrit Hindu text points out three types of austerity; dull, passionate and calm. Those who are inflexible will become dull. Those who practice with the intent of acquiring something are passionate and those who are without desire for any result other than to be content and balanced find calmness. What is gained through dullness and passion will not endure, but that which is attained through calmness purifies and strengthens the body, the mind and the soul. It will endure through all of life’s hardships. Let’s practice.

Be moderate in all your activities. Balance your work, play and soulful pursuits so as not to exhaust you. The body and the mind cling to desires. This exhausts our energy and depletes the soul.  When we practice austerity we cleanse the body and the mind and uplift the soul. It is like gold; the more you fire it the purer it gets. So accept what comes into your life with a sense of calmness and you will understand the significance of austerity. What is gained through calmness will endure no matter what the situation should bring.

Doctor Lynn


Saturday, March 18, 2017

Contentment is the second niyama

Contentment is the second niyama.  Contentment simply means to be content with what you have and not desiring that which you have not earned. Never feel disappointed is less than you desire comes into your life. Likewise don’t feel overly elated by what does come into your life. Simply accept and be content with things as they are. This does not mean you should not reach out for more. Simply do so while being content with what you already have.

 In your mind don’t be disturbed by things that do not come into your life. Do not complain about society or your fate. Understand the laws of abundance, as well as the laws of karma and all that you earn will come to you.

The most abundant thing in the universe is energy. This is your most valuable asset. Use your energy to improve your life, but never to the detriment of your happiness and your health.

Contentment is to be practiced in thought, word and deed. Be grateful for all that you have. Speak as if you are happy. Pay attention to your tone, intonations and the words that you use. Act as if all that you could ever want is right in front of you. You simply need to reach for it. It is happiness, health and peace. What else could you possibly want? Material things come and go, but contentment, once found can last forever.

The things of the material world are useless to the soul and yet they are an important part of your evolution. Enjoy the pleasures of life that come to you and refuse to squander time being disheartened, but what seems to elude you. It’s all just energy rearrange to suit a certain purpose. Pay attention to what comes into your life and what goes out of your life. Everything in life is constantly changing. What might be important today might be meaningless tomorrow.
Avoid comparison and competition. Each of us is unique so comparison, competition and envy are useless. It is o-k to strive for more just do it from a place of contentment. Be happy with what you have earned and then do the work to earn more. It is called punja which means merits or good deeds.  Punja is all you take with you when you leave this world. The soul who renounces greed acquires contentment and therefore has everything. Be content.
Doctor Lynn


Saturday, March 11, 2017

Observe - The Niyamas

The Niyamas are things that it is suggested we observe. The five points of the yamas and the niyamas are very similar to the Ten Commandments and the ten virtues of Buddhism. All faiths have these same codes of ethics and morals. These are the foundation upon which to build a spiritual life. Without them nothing we build can ever last. Just like the things we abstain from (yamas) these should be practice in thoughts, words and actions.

Purity is the first niyama. It is different than celibacy which means to simplify your life. Purity means to cleanse. Purity of thought means to lift your consciousness above the level of power and survival and into the pureness of the heart chakra energy. Mental purity is acquired by practicing compassion, understanding and kindness, or whatever brings about peaceful and pure thoughts.

Words are very powerful. It is said that a wound from an arrow will heal, but the wound from words last forever. Words that are consoling, harmonizing, gentle, uplifting and straightforward are purity of speech. Mantras such as OM are often used to invoke purity. If you always speak the truth a time will come when all you say will come true. Established in purity our life becomes an open book. We have no need to fear anything.

When it comes to the body it means cleanliness both inside and out. That means we should eat clean and pure foods, as well as keep the body groomed and our environment clean. One of the ways to cleanse the body is to practice asana or the yoga poses. Let’s get started.


When our thoughts, words and actions are pure we are in harmony with life. Things come easily to us. We simply flow with life. Concentration is easy when the mind is clear. When the mind is clear we can accomplish anything. Purity means to cleanse our thoughts, words and deeds. If something negative should rise replace it with something positive. If you should speak a harsh word replace it with a word of kindness. If you act in ways that harm yourself or the environment replace the action with healthy choices. In this you will be pure. Follow the truth with a pure heart and you will have nothing to fear because the truth will always be with you. Be pure.

Doctor Lynn




Saturday, March 04, 2017

Non greed

Non greed – it I said that if we could practice this one suggestion we would not need to practice the others. Greed creates craving and cravings cause us to act violently.  Greed causes us to lie and manipulate for our own gain. With greed we take what we want without respect.  The mind is always scattered because with greed we always want more.

Non greed does not mean we should not enjoy life. It simply means we should not reach out beyond our soulful propriety to physically take, mentally want or verbally try to persuade, coax or flatter someone into doing something for our own benefit.

When the mind becomes obsessed with greed the life forced gets scattered. Therefore the mind needs to detach; not from the object of desire, but from the obsessive desire to possess. On a verbal level we should not talk too much especially about other people and trivial things.

Physical non-greed means we should not be too attached to anything; even our family and friends. Do not become jealous or envious of others good fortune. Be aware that even good fortune brings with it certain obligations and complications. Be satisfied with what you have and what you have earned through your own efforts.

It is also important to pay your debts. These include be indebted to your parents, family, friends and your culture. For a noble soul it is easy to repay debts. It means to make the world a better place.  This is called the noble obligation. If you receive more in this life than you need; funnel your wealth into noble and humanitarian causes.

The soul established in non-greed begins to understand what he or she is, what he or she has and what he or she is mostly likely to encounter in the next reincarnation.  We are simply souls passing through this incarnation. Do with this life as you will. It is suggested that you Practice non-greed – be generous.


Yoga is about balancing the energy of your body, mind and soul. The yamas are suggestion or guidepost for achieving a state of contentment and happiness. Use them to improve your life and you will make the world a better place. The yamas should be followed as they pertain to each situation in life. If you are craving something like a candy bar the mind will become scattered by the craving. Perhaps it is better to buy the candy bar, eat half of it, throw the rest away and then spend the rest of the day without a scattered mind. There is no cookbook for life. Each situation in life is uniquely different. So it is suggested that with each situation in life we; be kind, be honest, be respectful, be pure and be generous. In this we make the world a better place.
Doctor Lynn

Saturday, February 25, 2017

Celibacy – this can be very confusing

Celibacy – this can be very confusing. Most people think of celibacy as abstaining from sexual intercourse. It really means to refrain from being obsessed by cravings of sensual desire. Sexual desires, however, can become sensual cravings.  The senses left uncontrolled will cause over indulgence and scattered our energy. Celibacy therefore means purification.  Whenever we crave anything of the senses; taste, touch, smell, sound, or sight we suffer and lose our ability to focus on what is important in life and that is our health, happiness and peace of mind. Craving means we become obsessed with having what we want and not necessarily what we need. We are not satisfied until we possess. But remember whatever we have right now can disappear in a moment. A drug addict spends all his or her energy searching for the next fix. How can there be happiness in this?  

All things in life are separate from the real us, which is our soul. We experience life through the senses. We say I am hungry or I am tired, but it is not you that is hungry or tired it is your body. You can change your outfit to fit the occasion, but no matter how you dress or where you go, you are always the same soul. Become the observer of life and not the sensual addict.

Detachment from worldly desires is to practice celibacy. We should enjoy the pleasures of life, but never be so attached that we become obsessed. Everything in life comes and goes. The addict is happy until it is time for the next fix.

There are three important areas concerning celibacy:

1.     Always hold the opposite sex in high regard

2.     Consider sexuality to be the means by which souls are brought into the world. It should be an act of love and respect

3.     Nothing scatters the life-force more than sensual cravings. Therefore:

Avoid obscene and lewd expressions and jokes. Sensual experience should be for the enjoyment and beauty of life. Be kind, loving and be respectful. The sensual experience is the closest we get to touch another perosn’s soul. The joy a soul feels when moving into the physical plane of sensual enjoyment is pure bliss. When experiencing the physical aspect of sexuality you are opening up a doorway for another soul to enter. Whether the soul chooses to enter or not love is the best way to direct this energy. Celibacy is not about abstaining. It is about refraining from being obsessed by the sensual desires of life. It is about experiencing all of life with the purity of un-obsessed love. Be pure.

Doctor Lynn



Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Life Force is always Good

If a person injures, lies or steals the life force which is always good gets scattered. When the life force is scattered we experience anger, hatred, bigotry, envy and deceit. To practice nonviolence, truthfulness and non-stealing is to gather the life force and move it in a direction that will only bring good into your life.

Our earthly work is the attainment of a balanced and harmonious life. This cannot be achieved when your energy is scattered and misdirected. Therefore you should never:

Do violence, be untruthful or steal from another person

Do violence, be untruthful or steal from yourself

Allow others to be violent, untruthful or steal

Encourage others to do violence, be untruthful or steal


Practice compassion and understanding for others and for yourself.  In this you will find the good and the good will lead you to happiness and peace.
Doctor Lynn

Saturday, February 18, 2017

Non-stealing – a suggestion

Non- stealing – involves thoughts, words and deeds. To most people this means not taking something that does not belong to you, or that you have not paid for, or been given. In yoga it means we should not think about taking something that does not belong to us.  It is best defined as not improperly taking something that belongs to another.  That includes their possessions, their dignity and their freedom of thought. If you want something you must earn it. If it has not come into your life you have not earned it yet. Anything coming into your life that you have earned will bring you happiness and anything that comes into your life that has not been earned will bring you struggle, difficulty and unhappiness.  Don’t confuse stealing with simply taking things. It also means to not take another person’s self-confidence and self-esteem by ridiculing and criticizing. We are all entitled to our own beliefs and freedom to walk the soulful path. If you must disagree do it with respect.

To think of stealing that which is not yours is as much stealing as physically stealing. Verbal stealing means that you should never steal another person’s dignity, pride, happiness, moment of glory and mental values. And of course we should not take anything physically that does not belong to us. Anything taken through deceit, force or without permission will only bring you difficulty and unhappiness. If you must take something leave something of equal value. Only take what you have earned. If you do not have something it simply means you have not earned it yet. Be content.


Saturday, February 11, 2017


Truthfulness means to conduct your thoughts, words and actions according to the truth. The truth however can get somewhat murky. Thoughts, words and action that harm even if true should not be done. The guiding factor when it comes to walking the soulful path is to do no harm. However, if you must do something that will cause harm make sure you are doing it for the greatest good and for the greatest many. Look to intention.

What is the truth? All you need to do is get quiet and search within your soul. You will know. Then with a quiet mind speak and act in truthful ways, but always keep your intentions in mind. If the intention is to hurt and the truth hurts refrain from speaking or taking any action.

Physical truth means to unify yourself so as act in ways that uplifts you and all those you encounter. Truth that has been understood intellectually and expressed in words will manifest itself into worthy and good actions.

Another aspect of truthfulness is keeping your word. However, there may be times when keeping your word is not possible. Again it comes back to intent. Circumstances in life may make the truth a difficult choice. Here is something to thinks about:

Once upon a time a yogi sage was meditating in the woods. A beautiful deer jumped past him and ran off into the woods. Very soon a hunter came by and asked the yogi if he had seen the deer and which way it ran. If the yogi tells the truth the hunter will kill the deer. This will create harm. If on the other hand he does not tell the truth the hunter and his family will starve. What should he do? Always choose the greatest good for the greatest many.

Some say the truth should only be spoken from a place of wisdom and some say truth should be spoken without consideration of loss or gain. In our modern day society it is important to use wisdom.  The world will often hurt each of us if we are not wise in how we think, speak and use the truth. If the truth will hurt or cause dissention be silent and do nothing. Nonviolence and truth together bring about peace. What is the truth? You are the truth. Just listen and you will know.

Doctor Lynn


Saturday, February 04, 2017

How did you do this week with practicing nonviolence?

Last week we worked on the practice of nonviolence. Remembers it should be practiced in thought, word and deed. How did you do last week? Did you lose your patients, utter a harsh word or raise your voice? Did you criticize yourself?  Did you eat well and get plenty of rest or did you exhaust yourself with stress? Practicing nonviolence is not an easy task. Being consciously aware of your thoughts, words and actions is the first step.

Before we get into the next yama it might be good to distinguish between what is meant by spirituality and what is meant by your soul. Sometimes people call themselves spiritual. This can be confusing.

When we come to the earth according to Karma Yoga we come as a soul taking on this body and this mind for our evolution. We choose the life that will gives us the best way to get onto the spiritual path. Spirituality is a path and the attainment of it is enlightenment.  Even someone like Gandhi did not reach enlightenment. He still had earthly desires. As long as you are alive you are a body, mind and soul with the ability to walk the spiritual path. Whether you get on it and stay on it or venture off is your choice. The yamas and the niyamas are simply suggestion that will help you to stay on the path.

Self-centeredness, inconsideration, lack of compassion and violence will take you off the path. Your “soul” purpose for being here is to find and walk the  spiritual path. It matters not how far you get. Reincarnation will give you another chance to get back on the path. However, the farther you get in this lifetime the shorter the journey in the next. Let’s begin our practice.

Nonviolence does not mean only outward violence. It also means violence towards you. Self-criticism always hurts the soul, just as cruel and angry thoughts, words and deeds toward others will take you off the spiritual path. You are not about your body and your mind, but your body and your mind are the vehicle and the GPS for your soul. So treat them well and be kind to yourself. That kindness will come from the inside out and be received by everyone and everything you encounter.

Symbol of wisdom – flip your palms up. Focus on your index finger the symbol of your ego. Bend it in toward your palm reminding yourself to be kind. Place your thumb on top. This is the symbol of your higher power. By surrendering your self-centered ego to your soul you will be wise.

Doctor Lynn


Saturday, January 28, 2017

A Guiding Path to Peace

We all need a moral and ethical code to live by.  This is what guides us towards deciding what is right and what is wrong. Yoga suggests we follow the yamas and niyamas which are the things we should abstain from doing and the things we should observe.

Something we can all benefit from is practicing the yama of nonviolence. It is to be practiced in body, mind and soul.  If we could remove violence what a peaceful world this would be.

When we think of violence we think of physical pain and although that is one kind of violence, thoughts that are negative and words that hurt, slander and disrespect are also violent. Someone or something always gets hurt. Fundamental to yoga is to do no harm.

Yoga does however teach us that sometimes violence is the best course of action to take. If you take it from a good moral and ethical position violence has its place. Although this seems like a contradiction think of it this way: if someone you love was being attacked would you kill the attacker? Your love is much stronger than nonviolence; as it should be.

As humans we kill animals to eat the meat. We are meat eating mammals. Meat sustains life just as killing a tree provides us with paper and books. Everything in life sacrifices. The question is intent. If you intend to hurt, for the sake of hurting, you are being violent.

The opposite of violence is kindness. All violent thoughts, words and deeds paralyze the soul. Perhaps it might be better if we reflected on our thoughts and then only spoke words that were kind.  Mastering this duality will help you to live a more peaceful life.



The practice of nonviolence should not be taken too rigidly. Yoga takes into account that most of us live a social life with many different cultural norms. The easiest way to practice this yama is to remember to always try to do the greatest good for the greatest many.  Examine your moral and ethical code and follow the path that gives you the least resistance. It will bring you peace.

When a negative thought pops up in your mind, replace it with something positive. This is the path of nonviolence. Step back, take a breath, change the way you look at things and the way you look at things will change.


Doctor Lynn

The Tree

If you find yourself experiencing violence think of the tree pose. No matter how hard you try eventually you will lose your balance. Life is not meant to be stationary.  Practicing the tree is about finding your balance and then remembering to return to it each time life throws you off balance; and it will.   This week you may experience an argument, a misunderstanding or gossip. Regain your balance and you will be practicing nonviolence.




Saturday, January 21, 2017

How to live Above the Blur of Life

In yoga we use the postures and the breath to help us establish balance, improve flexibility and find strength, as well as a sense of tranquility. In yoga the cleansing of the mind is called the cleansing of the astral channels. This cleansing takes place so that we can arrive at higher levels of consciousness.

The astral channels correspond to the physical nerves. The nerves are the only part of our body that never regenerated during our lifetime. The astral channels are higher mental channels that connect us to the spiritual force of the universe. Just as we reach out and experience touch through the sensation of our nerves, we have the ability to reach out with our mental force and touch higher levels of consciousness. We do this through the study and implementation of the Yamas and Niyamas which are the abstentions and observances. These cleanse the mind state and allow us to reach higher levels of consciousness by cleansing the astral channels. The posture and the breath help us to cleanse the astral channels associated with the body. Together they create a state of purity in body and mind.

To understand these focus on your spine. Think of it as a long channel from which we move energy from the lower levels to the higher lives of being.

Over the next several months we are going to work on opening and cleansing the astral channels in both body and mind by focusing on the yamas and the niyamas. So let’s get started.


When the astral channels are clear the body becomes healthier and the mind becomes calm and serene.  By gaining control over the life force we raise our level of consciousness so that the every day experiences of life become a blur in comparison to the higher levels of consciousness. This simply means that life becomes what life does. Clear the polluted energy  out of your body and your mind and you will begin to live a life that is healthy, happy and peaceful.

Doctor Lynn

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Asking for Help-it’s OK

Don’t be afraid to ask for help. It is not a sign of weakness. It is a sign of strength. We all need support from time to time. Yesterday a student and good friend of mine sent me an email. She has been diagnosed with colon cancer. She reached out for emotional help and support. More than anything I think the word cancer scares us all. I reminded her that she is a survivor in life. She also takes care of her health by eating well, exercising and taking time to relax every day.

So let’s get started today with a focus on taking care of our health. Eat well, exercise and take time to relax and enjoy the moments because in life they fly by way too fast.

Affirmation -: “Bones, muscles, movement, I surrender now; anxiety, elation and depression, churning thoughts — all these I give into the hands of peace.”

We never know what life will hand us so it is best to be prepared. When I went through my cancer surgery and recovery I was coming from a healthy body-mind and that along with my determination to survive was my savior. So each day take care of your health because it is your wealth. Lose it for only a minute and you will wish it back above all else in life. It is the most important thing in your life – don’t take it for granted.

Doctor Lynn

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

The Pendulum of Emotion- finding pure joy

Think of your consciousness as a calm still body of ever flowing water. The overall height of the water is always the same even when we add the waves of emotion. It is the waves that disturbs the calmness of the water; the higher the wave the deeper the trough. The waves of happiness are counter balanced by the trough of sadness. That is because all of life is a duality. It is like a pendulum swinging back and forth. The only way we know anything is by its opposite swing.  The swing of success is only realized by its opposite swing of failure. The only place where joy, love and peace are not balanced by opposites is in pure still ever flowing consciousness. It is a state void of opposites. To understand this we first need to become aware of the waves and the troughs and how the pendulum swings.  When we practice yoga we seek balance. We only discover it by experiencing a loss of balance.  In seeking to find peace we need to understand all that is counter to peace; impatience, anger, hatred and fear. The pendulum of life is like the waves of the ocean. It will rise and then it will fall.

The farther the pendulum swings in one direction the farther it must swing back. We get caught up in thinking that if we push the pendulum toward more possessions, greater fame and intense pleasure we will increase our happiness. The problem is the pendulum always swings back. The only way to end the eternal rising and falling of life is to be content right here right now. That is why we do the sitting Zen; to experience moments of pure joy. Let’s get started.


The farther the pendulum swings in one direction the farther it must swing back. The only way to find happiness is to be content with what you have, with what comes into your life and what leaves your life. It is ego consciousness that keeps you in the constant swing of emotions.  Bend your ego to your higher power and you will discover the wisdom of pure joy.

Doctor Lynn