Saturday, October 21, 2017

The Troublesome Four

A part of our purpose or being here on earth is to learn how to remove envy, jealousy, greed and resentment. To remove envy be content. To remove jealousy be trustworthy. To remove greed be generous. The fourth of the troublesome four is resentment.


Resentment is a negative state where the individual blames everybody and everything, but self for the state of his or her life. This individual feels he or she is the hapless victim of a cruel fate. Life is seen as unfair and full of disappointments. As a victim the individual refuses to accept responsibility for his or her own destiny and firmly continues to point to the outside world as the problem. Clearly, resentment blocks one off from the guidance of the soul. Success then is falsely measured not by inner experience, but by outward appearances. In a positive state a person realizes that they are the architects of their own destiny and that the human mind, and thus the soul have unlimited possibilities. Realizing that limitations are self- imposed an individual is able to lift the veil of illusion (maya) and master one’s own fate.  It is not the world that is the illusion, but your perceptron of it. You now can see the forest for the trees. Like all the troublesome four to master resentment requires balance, strength and flexibility, as well as the ability to be content and at peace with your life just as it is. Let’s work on this today.

Once you know who you are (the infinite capacity to be) and why you are here (to discover this infinite capacity) envy, jealousy, greed and resentment become irrelevant. To master the troublesome four, be content, trustworthy, generous and remember the world is real it is your perception (how you see things) that is the illusion. Remove the maya (illusion) and see the world as it is; an opportunity to learn, know and master your life.   


Doctor Lynn

Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Troublesome Four - Today we focus on greed


A part of our purpose or being here on earth is to learn how to remove envy, jealousy, greed and resentment. The only way to do this is to become consciously aware of them as they appear in our life and then to consciously work at removing them. We can only do the work when the task presents itself.  Be on the lookout for this troublesome four. It will require discipline, strength, balance and flexibility if you are to master them.  Mastering these you will begin to experience peace and serenity even in a world full of fear.

Today we focus on greed

Greed is the negative side of the soul quality of love and tolerance for others. Greed can mean having excessive avarice for material wealth. It is also desire for power. Greed is never about the obtaining of things or money, but about the power of usurping the freedom and individuality of others. Greed is never satisfied so it tries to dictate, mold, command and usurp.

We all carry a bit of greed. It is a human quality.  Don’t think of it in terms of acquiring and hoarding material goods or money. Greed means to be selfish and this comes from the ego. We all want to do more and be more. What we need is to learn to be content with what we have and who we are. If you reach out and extend beyond your limit you risk getting injured. That is why we need to always practice balance in body, mind and soul. Just remember center everywhere circumference nowhere. Put aside any misgivings about yourself and your life and let’s work to find balance and contentment. If you can find it for a moment you can find it forever.

By finding balance we remove greed. It is recognition that we are not our mind. We are our soul whose goal is to find balance and harmonize with life. This does not mean that we should not enjoy life. We as humans are hardwired for pleasure. We should enjoy every moment of life but never to excess.  Just do it from a place of balance and contentment. Remember not to reach out beyond your soul to physically take, mentally want, or verbally flatter in an attempt to take that which is not yours. Earn your merits, be trustworthy and generous.

Doctor Lynn


Saturday, October 07, 2017

What are the Troublesome Four?

A part of our purpose or being here on earth is to learn how to remove the troublesome four. Last week we explored envy and how widespread it is in the world. Envy involves comparison. In a world of unique beings with unique gifts and talents there is no room for comparison. Don’t confuse material acquisitions with success. Many people are good at acquiring things but, lack the ability to soulfully achieve.


The second of the troublesome four is jealousy.

Jealousy is a morbid emotion that looks for anything that will cause suffering.  With jealousy an individual feels threatened by the loss of control over another person or situation. It is a feeling of suspicion and mistrust. Jealousy corrodes and destroys everything it touches. Jealousy is really a feeling of being unlovable and in constant danger of losing.  It is based in uncertainty and fear.  The opposite of jealousy is trustworthiness. It means to trust in your own ability to rely upon yourself to feel loved, honored and worthy. Trust always has the advantage because trust seeks to create good will and not destroy. Replace jealousy with trust in yourself and give up trying to control others or other situations. Find your balance, your strength and be flexible to the ever-changing nuances of life. Trust in yourself.

 Love yourself by focusing on your wonderful qualities. Use your trustworthiness to make the world a better place and jealousy will be replaced with prosperity. Remember this; even love focused entirely on another human being cannot bring fulfillment in the long run.  Focus on your self-worth and you will find the fulfillment you seek. Transcending jealousy we find divine and eternal love. This frees us to rejoice in the pleasures of others without envy or jealousy even while dealing with our own disappointments and problems.

Replace jealousy with trustworthiness and the worth of your soul will shine through in all of life’s ups and downs.

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, September 30, 2017

The Troublesome Four

A part of our purpose or being here on earth is to learn how to remove envy, jealousy, greed and resentment. The only way to do this is to become consciously aware of them as they appear in our life and then to consciously work at removing them. We can only do the work when the task presents itself.  Be on the lookout for this troublesome four. It will require discipline, strength, balance and flexibility if you are to master them.  Mastering these you will begin to experience peace and serenity even in a world full of fear.

Let’s get started – Today we’ll focus on Envy

Envy is a widespread feeling today. We think of it as being present only in the business world, but it also rears its ugly head along the soulful path. Secretly individuals may wonder how far the other soul has gotten and whether he or she has already reached a higher level of being. This of course creates conflict as an unhappy soul may wish to inflict misfortune onto others. This conflicts with the guidepost suggestion of doing no harm.

 Envy means to feel inferior to others and to desire that which you have not earned. Just remember the material world is not a representation of what a soul has earned, is valued, or worth. Don’t get confused by what appear to be material success. Many people are good at acquiring things, but lack in the ability to achieve. To achieve requires effort, courage and skill, and with this comes realization and fulfillment. Envy no one and a calm sense of peace will sooth your soul. Be content with what you have, take pleasure in your life, count your blessings and then reach out and be a happy soul. Everything you desire will be yours. You earned it.


Doctor Lynn

Saturday, September 23, 2017

The Love You Seek


Hatred, prejudice and bigotry are rampant in our world and yet the opposite, love, is the greatest desire on earth. It is programmed into every cell of our being. Every being wants to give and receive love. If we are denied love we experience unbelievable disappointment and will begin to believe we are destined to be denied the love we seek. We then become cynical and hard hearted. Karma yoga teaches that there are three fundamental fears in life. All fear and negativity comes from one of these; fear of not being loved is at the head of the list, followed by fear of being rejected and fear of dying. Hatred, prejudice and bigotry are byproducts of a lack of love and respect for the essence of life. To remove these look to compassion and, understanding  while reminding yourself that we are all no matter what our culture, gender, race, religion or orientation a part of the human race and this beautiful thing called life. It begins with establishing balance, finding your strength and staying flexible while finding quietude and peace within your body, mind and soul. Let’s get started

Love is a tremendous power. It can destroy and it can create.  In yoga we find it in the heart chakra. . Here love means expansion and the unwavering nature of the human soul. Love is the capacity to sacrifice for the sake of sacrifice. To love someone, something and yourself is to touch the heart of your soul. Love from your soul and you will find the balance, strength and flexibility to be at peace within and become the love you seek.

Doctor Lynn

Thursday, September 21, 2017

What is Love?


Ancient Greeks defined love as “the madness of the gods.”  Psychologists define it as it the strong desire for emotional union with another person.  But what, actually, is love?  Shakespeare said, “Love is blind and lovers cannot see.”  Aristotle said, “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.”

But love is not only romantic notions between two people. Love is a feeling that expands within your soul. I love what I am doing means I get great joy from something.  But joy and love are not the same. Joy means to have great pleasure and happiness. Love isn’t always pleasurable and happy. Loves often is sacrifice and a lot of hard work. We must give to receive. The most important love is the one we give to ourselves. So let’s get started by focusing on loving ourselves today body, mind and soul.


Don’t confuse love with simple expressions like I love chocolate; you don’t love chocolate. You enjoy it’s taste and because you enjoy it you eat it and before you know it’s gone. True love is always present because it is based upon compassion and understanding. It is based upon trust and respect and requires compromise and a lot of work. The work is not always joyful nor does it always bring you happiness’ as any mother or father can contest. Love can be blind, but it also can build strong bonds that lead to happiness and joy. Be the love you seek.
Doctor Lynn

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Obstacles that impede the soulful path


Two of our three biggest obstacles along the path of life are our beliefs and attitudes.  Our beliefs are tied to our value system, which is ingrained into our consciousness by our upbringing and experiences.  What we value in life tells a lot about what we believe, who we are and where we are going.
An attitude is the feeling we have regarding our beliefs.  Through our attitudes we defend our values by engaging in selective perception. This is the ability to disregard anything that challenges what we believe. Although it is important to have a value system it is necessary to be open to the values of others if you are to Soul Walk. One of our biggest challenges is to be nonjudgmental, tolerant and compassionate, as well as open toward others who may have opposing views
If we hold too firmly to our attitudes and beliefs they can get tainted with deception, greed, anger and pride. An attitude is how you feel about something. A belief is what you value. If you believe that the greatest value is kindness than your attitude will reflect honesty, generosity, love and humility. What does this have to do with yoga? Yoga is about removing the obstacles that prevent us from finding happiness, joy and peace. Yoga reminds us to be honest, generous, loving and humble Let’s get started…
Two of our biggest obstacles along the path of life are our beliefs and attitudes.  Beliefs are tied to what we value and our attitudes are feelings about what we believe. Believe in the value of nonjudgement, tolerance and compassion and your attitude towards all of life will be respectful and benevolent.
Doctor Lynn

Thursday, August 31, 2017

Family-how to harmonize

Visiting family can be challenging. These are the relationships where we feel the most comfortable and at the same time the most vulnerable. The family you were born into is important to your soul’s journey. According to karma yoga you choose this family as the best way to assist you in correcting your karma.

Sometimes the challenges are uncomfortable and sometimes they are not. But whenever and whoever we relate to in life it gives us an opportunity to discover harmony. Try to live your life in harmony within yourself and then with your family and the world at large. How? When you feel the tension of disharmony, make a space, take a breath and let it go reminding yourself that everyone on earth is doing the best they can. Sometimes the best is hard for us to understand so be compassionate. Remember not all souls have evolved; yet.

Let’s work on harmony, purity, beauty and love.

Be compassionate with all of life. Reach out to help with an open hand and a pure heart. Remember that soul’s speak to souls and although you may not understand another person, their soul is there to help you evolve. Bless everyone and everything. Live your life in harmony.

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, August 26, 2017

I am therefore I …

Rene Descartes the father of modern philosophy is famous for saying. “I think therefore I am.” But yoga would take a different twist on this and say “I am therefore I think.” This means that you do not have to be a thinking human being to exist. You are at your highest level a field of energy that is constantly moving. You think when you slow your energy field and allow thoughts to congeal. You let thoughts occupy the space within your mind. The thoughts you let linger within is what you become and what you become is constantly changing. So in a sense as you think so you become, but you must become before you can think.

Prana the great force of energy is simply movement.  For movement to construct thought you must first make space for the thought and then allow it to materialize. Pay careful attention to your thoughts because you are what you think and not because you think.  

Yoga today -Let’s get started. Take a breath and feel the movement; the rise and the fall of the breath. Prana is the rise and fall that gives us the power to think.


Pay careful attention to what you let linger and occupy your mind. Remember first you exist as pure energy and then you have the power to think. Use this power carefully for it will define who you are and who you are becoming. I am therefore I have the power to be. Think wisely.

Namaste – may you go with health, happiness and peace.

Doctor Lynn


Saturday, August 19, 2017

How do we know we have a soul?

If we can’t measure the soul how do we know we have one?  In yoga the life force that vitalizes everything in the universe is called prana. It is actually the energy responsible for the movement of all consciousness in the world. What lies beneath your consciousness is a force (prana) that causes it to rise. This we call thinking. As you think so you become. Prana gives rise to the breath and this gives life to the body and the mind. When this happens your soul begins to walk its earthly life.

How do we know it exist? Take a breath. What causes you to breathe? Not oxygen, but the power that causes movement and that is prana.

Let’s get started – Yoga Today

Prana gives vital energy to our bodies and also gives us the power to think. It is pure and simple and yet gives birth to the complexities of life. It is pure subconscious movement giving rise to conscious thought. I exist so therefore I have the power to think - So think kindness, contentment, generosity, happiness, love and peace. And never forget to take care of your health; body, mind and soul.

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Heaven and Hell

We all have good days and we all have bad days. We often call these days’ heaven or hell on earth. When we think of heaven we look upward and when we think of hell we look downward. When we feel happy we say we feel high or up lifted and when we feel down we say we feel downcast or low.

Human beings show their happiness by raising their posture and smiling. We move upward. When we are unhappy we tend to droop our shoulders, hunch our body and frown. We drop downward. This is why it is important to clear the lower chakras, better known as the power channel. This allows us to reach the upper chakras where it is said we reach a state of heaven here on earth

Let’s set the tone with the Om and then begin to clear the chakras. Sit tall, close your eyes and let’s begin.

As human being we are all aware of the call to rise to higher states of being. But this call easily gets drowned out by the demands of our everyday life. It can seem like we live in a constant conflict between heaven and hell. Heaven and hell are not places that are above us or below us. They are states of consciousness that can uplift us or deflate us. This week pay attention to your body and what happens when you experience both heaven and hell. You will experience both. When low draw yourself upward, sit tall, take a deep breath and smile. When uplifted embrace and enjoy this precious moment – you are experiencing heaven on earth.  

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, August 05, 2017

Clearing the Power Channels


There is a branch of yoga called Anna- Maya- Kosha which simply means to pay attention to what and how you eat because you are what and how you eat.

Good nutrition is not about cure, but about life enrichment. This means that although we need foods to help rebuild and heal the body, the Anna yoga approach is a focus of life enhancement and wellness by increasing the life force energies through the choices of foods we eat. If we eat healthy the body-mind finds vitality, strength and balance and this is what is needed to keep us on our soulful path. It has been said that nature provides all that humankind needs to stay healthy and fit.  Therefore, whole natural foods should provide the basis of a healthy diet.

Disciplined eating is considered one of the basic moral observances or niyamas and one of the basic abstinences or yamas, which are two of the eight basic stages of the practice of yoga. Yoga teaches us to take care of our body-mind so as to do no harm to both the internal and external environments. Food can uplift or pollute our being. Only a body that is strong and steady and a mind that is clear and sharp can serve our soulful awakening. Therefore Anna yoga teaches that we should observe what we eat, abstain from harming the body with impure foods and take responsibility for our dietary needs and the health of our entire being; body, mind and soul.

Think digestion, assimilation and elimination.

Today lets’ focus on cleansing the power channels which goes from the anus to the throat and then we will open the higher chakras.

The body is your vehicle. The mind is your GPS. Your soul is the driver. Without a well running body and a clear sense of navigation it is impossible to make the journey. Take care of your body and your mind. They are the instruments of the soul. Just remember that all of life exists in relationship to and by coexisting with everything else that exist. Nothing exists in isolation. Pay careful attention to what you do with your body and what you let occupy your mind.

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Why are you here?

The reason why we are here is to learn, know and master the mission of the soul. The problem is that most of us are so caught up in the chitter in our minds that we forget to listen with an open mind and a loving heart. Life presents us with experiences so that we might learn to be strong, to find our balance, to stay flexible and how to find happiness and peace. The experiences of life are like yoga poses; simply an opportunity to learn, know and master.

Resting on the mat

Letting go – everyone has something they need to let go – could be the tension in your body, an argument, a fear, an ache or pain – whatever it is let’s take a few moment to relax breath and let go.

Standing Mountain

Balance - to be imbalanced something is out of proportion. Seek balance in all things and in all things find balance – Be moderate – too little or too much and you lose your balance –let’s do standing mountain and then the tree

Child’s Pose on the mat – forward bend to Standing Mountain

Strength – when we think of strength we think of physical strength but also need mental and soulful strength - weakness means a shortcoming, a flaw, to be indecisive – find the courage to face your own weakness and you will find inner strength. Take a minute to focus on your strength in child’s pose - Now Let’s do triangle and warrior poses

Feet up for three minutes

Flexibility - to be inflexible means to be rigid, stiff and opinionated and stubborn.  Think about releasing something that may be keeping you twisted in knots- hold in shoulder stand or feet up for three minutes and then relax - Now let’s do bow and arrow and seated twist

The world is made up of real experience so that you might discover balance and learn to be strong and flexible. Do not let the world use you. Instead use the world to discover the truth. The truth is that we are here to learn, know and master our lives. Be balanced, strong and flexible and your ego will surrender to your soul. In this you will discover wisdom.

Doctor Lynn


Saturday, July 22, 2017

Out of Chaos Comes Balance

To observe without judgment is to practice non-judgment. It is the ability to view the world without superimposing your opinions, perceptions and attitudes. The minute we apply judgement we break the suggested rule of “do not harm.” To judge another is to challenge another person’s right to walk their own path. Everyone is on their own mission and yet the mission of life involves all of us. We are not here to judge the path of another person. We are here to understand both our actions and our reactions and then reconstruct them to make the world a better place. The focus in life should always be on self and self- development without harm to anyone or anything. You are simultaneously responsible for bringing goodness to everyone and everything and at the same time only responsible for the path you walk. Walk it with respect and kindness.

The chaos of life will always be whirling around us. It will challenge our sense of balance, our strength and our peace of mind. We must decide to either walk our soulful path or let the chaos of life sweep us into frenzy.  But remember always from chaos comes the opportunity for growth and higher states of being.  That is because the basic nature of cosmic energy is chaos with the potential to create or destroy. It is void of judgement and so can move in either direction.  We just need to realize that we have the power to choose stability and balance over anguish, fear and pain.. Discovering and harnessing the energy of consciousness awareness we are empowered to continually create anew. We come back to the present moment and once again establish our balance and strength. However, it is important to remember that this process is work and will not come without a lot of effort. The paradox is that although the process takes tremendous strength and endurance, when living it we find peace and tranquility. However, along the way there will be many temptations. The greatest temptation of all will be that of the ego. It is the ego that thinks it can justify anything and everything; even violence.  Releasing the ego (diversity) and embracing the cosmos (unity) is soul walking.   

Doctor Lynn

Friday, June 30, 2017

Observe Your Freedom

To observe without judgment is to practice non-judgment. It is the ability to view the world without superimposing your opinions, perceptions and attitudes. The minute we apply judgement we break the suggested rule of “do not harm.” To judge another is to challenge another person’s right to walk their own path. Everyone is on their own mission and yet the mission of life involves all of us. We are not here to judge the path of another person. We are here to understand both our actions and our reactions, observe them and then reconstruct them to make the world a better place. The focus in life should always be on self and self- development without harm to anyone or anything. You are simultaneously responsible for bringing goodness to everyone and everything and at the same time only responsible for the path you walk. Walk it with respect and kindness.

As I head across the pond to visit our neighbors in Scotland and Ireland I am sure I will be asked about our politics and the state of our great nation.  As I observe the 4th of July in another country my response will be simple; I am a proud American. I respect the Constitution, the office of the President of the U.S (whomever is leading) and am so grateful for all the freedom and prosperity that exist in the United States. But I am saddened by the dwindling respect and lack of kindness.


When I first registered to vote I was living in Maine. I wanted to vote for a woman I admired. She was strong willed and a straight shooter. Her name was Margaret Chase Smith. She was the first woman to serve in both houses of the U.S Congress and the first woman to represent Maine. She was a moderate Senator, the first to criticize the tactics of McCarthyism in her 1950 speech, “Declaration of Conscience.”

 In this speech she said, “It is high time that we stopped thinking politically as Republicans and Democrats about elections and started thinking patriotically as Americans about national security based on individual freedom. It is high time that we all stopped being tools and victims of totalitarian techniques -- techniques that, if continued here unchecked, will surely end what we have come to cherish as the American way of life.

She went on the remind us to get off the Four Horsemen of  Calumny, which means making false statements to damage someone’s reputation. She called the four horsemen -- Fear, Ignorance, Bigotry and Smear.”

To this I would add let’s get on the Four horsemen of dignity, respect, kindness and comradery. After all don’t we all want the same things; freedom, prosperity, good health and the right to the pursuit of happiness? What will I tell our friends across the pond? I am a proud American!

Wishing you all a happy Fourth of July!

Doctor Lynn

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Character – How to Build It

Awareness of our vices should make it easy for us to apply virtue to our lives. However, the opposing force of vice is a mighty deterrent. That is because the soul will never dictate. Its job is not to usurp the desires of the body or the mind. Its mission is to discover and return to the pureness of life. The struggle exists within you. Therefore it may take lifetimes to discover that you have the power to change the nature and structure of your entire being. The soul is unconcerned with time. It patiently waits knowing that eventually each petal of the virtuous self will unfold.

Our lives presents us with content and thus the opportunity to discover through the process of living, the virtues we possess and the virtues we need to gain so that we may evolve. For example you may find that you are a very patient person who is gentle, peaceful, and loving. However, you may also discover that you are weak, indecisive and lack the steadfastness needed to accomplish your earthly mission. Life will then put you in a situation where you have the opportunity to discover your vices. What you do with this is how you create karma. To transcend Karma is to consciously act virtuously while removing the vices in each and every situation.  When you are feeling weak and indecisive seek patience and balance.

It is balance that we are here to discover. It is only in a state of balance that we find clarity. Emotional ripples always muddy the clarity of the mind. If you lose your patience with someone and become angry you lose your balance.  In this there is a lesson. There is a big difference between observing your anger and reminding yourself to pull back to your center and reclaim your balance, or proclaiming that someone made you angry and it is all their fault that you anguishing. It is your anguish that you need to remove to regain your balance. You need to practice patience (a virtue) and in this you will change your karma.

Life presents us with many opportunities to truly know ourselves. Let’s say you are a person of honor and integrity. You encounter a situation where another individual is doing something unethical. Let’s even say this person is making money doing this unethical thing. You on the other hand are being ethical, but still struggling for money. Where is the justice in this? There is no justice in life. That is why we have laws. And the laws of karma simply teach us that life becomes what life does. Money comes and goes, but character last for lifetimes. So choose wisely.

Doctor Lynn


Saturday, June 17, 2017

Our Soul Purpose


The opposite side of vices is virtues. Virtues are steps towards happiness. True happiness is the result of following the footsteps of the soul. Happiness is our ultimate birthright, bringing with it all the qualities we strive to attain during our life on earth. This is the purpose of our being: to rid ourselves of vices and obtain virtues. The virtues we are here to obtain are compassion, patience, courage, integrity, honor, strength, steadfastness, love, discipline, peace, devotion, creativity, and wisdom.

If the health of our body is controlled by the state of our mind and our mind is the storehouse of our moods and emotions, then it would make sense to address our state of mind to ensure physical health. Negative thoughts, moods and feelings cut us off from our soul. At the soulful level of our energy, pure intellect reigns. This means that at the soulful level one is not disturbed by any emotion, thought or mood and simply looks upon the earthly self as an extension with the free will to act or react.

Moods change from day to day, hour to hour and moment to moment. Science tells us that diet, environment, chemicals, lifestyle, etc. affect our moods. This is called biochemistry. Biochemistry is about the chemical substances (hormones, peptides, and neurotransmitters) that dictate our moods and affect our bodies. And although moods affect certain types of individuals to a greater degree than others, all moods affect everyone. The major negative mood states that affect us are:

1.      Depression

2.      Fear

3.      Worry – mental turmoil

4.      Stress

5.      Indecision

6.      Boredom or indifference

7.      Doubt – discouragement

8.      Impatience

9.      Self-distrust

10.  Weakness or powerlessness – despair

11.  Over-enthusiasm

12.  Pride or aloofness

Is there a negative mood that you need to remove today? Let’s see if we can remove it and find a moment of happiness. Happiness is your birthright.

There are many variations of these mood states, but these are perhaps the most prominent. These moods compromise the integrity of the body-mind and thus cut us off from our soul. However, awareness of the energy of the moods and implementing conscious change presents the opportunity to know the nature of our Tikkum (the kabalistic word for “corrections”) or karma. Only through conscious awareness of the separation of self can we set about to make these changes. When we begin to replace the vices with the virtues  we  begin to change our karma.  Through the content of our lives, we have the opportunity to discover both the correction and the qualities that ultimately allow the individual to experience heaven on earth; better known as happiness. Acting from vices rather than acting from virtues compromises the health of the body-mind. When the body-mind is compromised the door is open to disease. Developing virtues is the soul purpose of our existence here on earth. Therefore practice compassion, patience, courage, integrity, honor, strength, steadfastness, love, discipline, peace, creativity and devotion, and in this you will discover wisdom.

Doctor Lynn