Tuesday, January 25, 2011

A Successful Life Acknowledgement

I just spent two days writing outlines for publications that will do a write-up on my video and book. It was a lot of work. I enjoyed doing it and must say I will enjoy the recognition I will get. Recognition doesn’t always turn into money or fame but appreciation for one’s efforts is always a reward unto itself. Or is it?

When I was a student it was enough to get a good grade for my efforts. I worked hard to be a good student and was rewarded with praises from my professors and good grades. I graduated with a 3.8 GPA. I put that on my resume when I went job searching. And guess what? No one cared. Unless you are continuing on in academia – and even then once you get past the Masters level – no one cares.

I live in Los Angles where acknowledgment is superficial. It’s all about being a star, driving a nice car and taking exotic vacations. I teach yoga and cycle. Every day I get acknowledgment for my effort and thanks for my devotion. It is these little thank-you(s) that make my day complete. I still have that drive to do the best I can because I care and well…because I like doing it.

My book is published and my video is done. I am getting a fair amount of publicity. Nothing hugh but a little bit of acknowledgement for my efforts. It has not turned into dollars and may-be never will. I may fade into the dust but one thing is sure…I made the effort.

I accomplished a goal. It feels good. Self acknowledgment should be enough to satisfy the soul but it seems we all seek something more. But perhaps the highest level of achievement is when we can in fact acknowledge ourselves as worthy individuals with unique talents that no matter how small by comparison are truly very large in scope.

Doctor Lynn


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