Monday, January 31, 2011

A Successful Decisions

I’m struggling with a decision. Where do I take my project? How do I give it a focal point? Decisions are sometimes difficult to make. We need data, alternatives, reasons and intuition to guide us through the decision making process. Some people seem to make decisions so easily while others belabor over the simplest of things. I fall into a middle category. It takes me a while to decide but once I decide I am usually quite firm.

I can’t seem to find a solid direction and that is why I am now laboring over where to go with my project. Solid ground gives strength to the process of decision making. It’s much like yoga. The base of your physical, mental and spiritual self must be solid, grounded, strong and steady and then you can enjoy the flexibility and the balance that comes with the ever changing energy of life. It means to flow from one position to another without losing that solid touchstone which of course is your inner being.

Along time ago I learned that making decisions involved a twofold process. First data needed to be gathered. The facts of the matter needed to be examined. And then second get quiet and listen to your intuition. Great decisions are made this way.

The data tells me that I am not hitting my mark. There is so much competition and I have not been able to distinguish myself in any significant way from everyone else. I blend around the edges but fail to be the solid color from which the hues reflect. My intuition tells me that I must keep trying and not to give up.

Perhaps the hardest thing in life we undertake is making decisions. For most people there is a deep fear of making the wrong decision. But not making a decision is also making a decision. When you decide not to decide a decision has been made. It is perhaps better to make a decision given careful thought and if that decision should turn out to be the wrong decision at least know that you gave it your best. Perhaps in reality it was not the right thing for you. I have always found that there was a good reason for my decisions and that whatever resulted from the decision was always the best for me even if at the time it seemed difficult and disappointing.

I can look back over my life and see the many decisions I made, had I made them differently, my life would be in a far better place, in some ways, and in a far worse place in other ways. I never made decisions based upon money or financial security. I always made decisions based upon love, adventure and personal growth. I’ve loved, I’ve had adventure and I’ve grown as a person.

And in writing this I can see that my decision as to what to do can only be based upon my free spirited need to love, explore and grow. That is a marker of success – understanding yourself and why you have made the decisions that you have made in your life and being happy with the results.

Doctor Lynn

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