Friday, January 14, 2011

Life becomes what life does – Managing a Man

Very early in our relationships I went to see a councilor. Things were not working. I needed understanding. So I found a male councilor thinking he could teach me something about the way a man thinks. His name was Anthony. He was a British guy who was very to the point. Anthony taught me one thing – manage the man. Be a woman and use your power to manage the man and you will get exactly what you desire. Of course I didn’t listen. I resisted the idea that the solution could be so simple.

I like most women had to complicate everything. You see this is how we operate. Things are never simple for a woman. Her emotions and abstract way of seeing things makes it so difficult to understand the simplicity of a man. Men are simple creatures. Their needs and their wants are simple. Give a man a good night’s sleep, a sexy romp in the hay and a good meal and he’s happy. Sure men like their toys and their sports but give him the three basics and he’ll be so easy to manage.

Anthony taught me to simplify life. Take charge in a feminine way. Never underestimate the power of a woman. Let him think he’s in charge. He’ll realize on some level what you’re doing and he’ll love it because the truth is most men love to have a woman take charge in a feminine way. So if he wants to negotiate the car buying deal and order the meal; let him do it. Smile and know that you are ultimately in charge because you see all a man wants to do is please a woman. It makes him feel needed and wanted. When a man feels needed and wanted he’s happy.

Why do you think they want sex? Well yes they love the feel of it but it’s also about connecting. A man feels like you want him when you are having sex with him. It’s his emotional connection with you. We as women need to understand that just because he doesn’t always connect emotionally the way we do ,it does not mean he is not connecting. Understand the beast and he’s putty in your hand.

Now you may think this sounds a bit manipulative but he is getting exactly what he wants and you will in turn get everything you desire – a warm loving, faithful man who adores you and keeps you safe and warm.

That’s how you manage a man!

Doctor Lynn

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