Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Life becomes what life does – meeting a challenge

I spent about a month trying to make a YouTube. Now that may seem like a long time but it you have ever tried t make a video of yourself talking you know that it is so easy to make a mistake, forget what you are trying to say and fumble with the technology. It took me several tries to get what I wanted. And even then it is still amateur. But I guess that is what You Tube is supposed to be…an amateur approach to communication.

I must admit it has been fun and is somewhat rewarding to accomplish this task. I have asked around and nobody else I know has done a You Tube. So for someone who has been such a techno- phobe in the past I am not doing too bad.

When you meet a challenge and mount those little hills of success there is always a feeling of pride. Even if no one ever sees my You Tube – I can say I did it. Mastering something changes your perspective on life. Life becomes what we make it become.

Next week I am posting my own talk show along with my You Tube video. I’m signing up for French lessons. I’m staring the New Year with a change in perspective. I am no longer a techno- phobe. I’m getting an I phone and joining the ranks. I’m becoming a quasi-techno player. Do something new and your life becomes enriched. Life becomes what life does. Do it while you can.

Doctor Lynn


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