Saturday, October 14, 2017

The Troublesome Four - Today we focus on greed


A part of our purpose or being here on earth is to learn how to remove envy, jealousy, greed and resentment. The only way to do this is to become consciously aware of them as they appear in our life and then to consciously work at removing them. We can only do the work when the task presents itself.  Be on the lookout for this troublesome four. It will require discipline, strength, balance and flexibility if you are to master them.  Mastering these you will begin to experience peace and serenity even in a world full of fear.

Today we focus on greed

Greed is the negative side of the soul quality of love and tolerance for others. Greed can mean having excessive avarice for material wealth. It is also desire for power. Greed is never about the obtaining of things or money, but about the power of usurping the freedom and individuality of others. Greed is never satisfied so it tries to dictate, mold, command and usurp.

We all carry a bit of greed. It is a human quality.  Don’t think of it in terms of acquiring and hoarding material goods or money. Greed means to be selfish and this comes from the ego. We all want to do more and be more. What we need is to learn to be content with what we have and who we are. If you reach out and extend beyond your limit you risk getting injured. That is why we need to always practice balance in body, mind and soul. Just remember center everywhere circumference nowhere. Put aside any misgivings about yourself and your life and let’s work to find balance and contentment. If you can find it for a moment you can find it forever.

By finding balance we remove greed. It is recognition that we are not our mind. We are our soul whose goal is to find balance and harmonize with life. This does not mean that we should not enjoy life. We as humans are hardwired for pleasure. We should enjoy every moment of life but never to excess.  Just do it from a place of balance and contentment. Remember not to reach out beyond your soul to physically take, mentally want, or verbally flatter in an attempt to take that which is not yours. Earn your merits, be trustworthy and generous.

Doctor Lynn


Saturday, October 07, 2017

What are the Troublesome Four?

A part of our purpose or being here on earth is to learn how to remove the troublesome four. Last week we explored envy and how widespread it is in the world. Envy involves comparison. In a world of unique beings with unique gifts and talents there is no room for comparison. Don’t confuse material acquisitions with success. Many people are good at acquiring things but, lack the ability to soulfully achieve.


The second of the troublesome four is jealousy.

Jealousy is a morbid emotion that looks for anything that will cause suffering.  With jealousy an individual feels threatened by the loss of control over another person or situation. It is a feeling of suspicion and mistrust. Jealousy corrodes and destroys everything it touches. Jealousy is really a feeling of being unlovable and in constant danger of losing.  It is based in uncertainty and fear.  The opposite of jealousy is trustworthiness. It means to trust in your own ability to rely upon yourself to feel loved, honored and worthy. Trust always has the advantage because trust seeks to create good will and not destroy. Replace jealousy with trust in yourself and give up trying to control others or other situations. Find your balance, your strength and be flexible to the ever-changing nuances of life. Trust in yourself.

 Love yourself by focusing on your wonderful qualities. Use your trustworthiness to make the world a better place and jealousy will be replaced with prosperity. Remember this; even love focused entirely on another human being cannot bring fulfillment in the long run.  Focus on your self-worth and you will find the fulfillment you seek. Transcending jealousy we find divine and eternal love. This frees us to rejoice in the pleasures of others without envy or jealousy even while dealing with our own disappointments and problems.

Replace jealousy with trustworthiness and the worth of your soul will shine through in all of life’s ups and downs.

Doctor Lynn