Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Successful Life Bargain Shopping with a Friend

What woman doesn’t like to bargain shop with a girl friend? The excitement, the hunt, the find and the score! And then you get to share it with a girl friend that made her own score. Shopping, laughing and bonding over a good bargain is what we women live for…well not exactly but it sure is fun.

My friend is black and I am as white as they come – WASPY, blond and blue eyed. I grew up in the country and she grew up in the middle of New York City. We both live in Los Angeles. We couldn’t be more different and yet are so such alike. We are about the same size, fitness enthusiast and teachers and gravitate to the same bargain bins and style of clothes. We see the world in very similar ways. Our upbringings and our politics coincide.

I’m fortunate to have this friend. Good friends are tough to come by and even tougher to maintain. It takes work and time to make and keep a good friend. And with all the time commitments of family and work it is difficult to cultivate a lot of friendship. As you age you realize the value in friends and the need to pick them carefully. Time is precious and only allows for so many good friends.

I consider myself successful to have my bargain shopping friend. It has taken a few years to cultivate this friendship. I give us both credits for making it work. We’ve both put in the effort to make the time to share, laugh, cry and help each other. I have been her friend through a financial crisis and she has been my friend through an emotional crisis. We both hope those times have passed but one can never be sure so we hope to be there for each other if the need be.

It’s not the bargain or the shopping that makes for a successful life. It’s the fun that takes place in those moments when all that matters is hanging out and playing with your friend. We all need to take the time to laugh and play with a friend. I am fortunate that I have a few good friends that make me laugh.

It takes maturity and experience to have the wisdom to appreciate friends. It takes effort to stay in touch. Success is found in the little things we appreciate. I appreciate my friends and the time I alot to spend with them. They make me laugh and that is the greatest gift of friendship.

Doctor Lynn

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