Tuesday, January 18, 2011

A Successful Life A healthy Relationship

Did you know that one of the most important things you can do to insure good health is to be in healthy relationship? Love, affection and yes sex are good for your health. Notice I wrote a healthy relationship and not just any relationship. As well as a romantic relationship it also goes for friends and acquaintances. Surrounding yourself with emotionally healthy people brings both emotional and physical health into your life.

Study after study has shown that people who are in loving healthy relationships are healthier. There are a number of reasons for this state of being. In a healthy balanced relationship people tend to laugh more, sleep better, eat better, express emotions freely, exercise more and share touching, hugging and sex.

When we eat better, get adequate good quality sleep and exercise we are living a healthy lifestyle. When we love, hug and have sex we calm the body-mind by producing feel good nuerochemicals that work wonders for the heart, circulation, respiration and for relieving stress. Problems are easier to solve. Our emotions are balanced so we effectively deal with the day to days annoyances of life. We share the fun in life and add laughter and play which have been shown to bring about health.

A healthy relationship has maturity. That means it compromises, understands, cares and knows when to give and when to take. A person in a healthy relationship understands that 90% of the small and irritating aspects of a relationship are minor compared to the love and caring that is shared. Humor is used to dismiss the minutia.

Every relationship has its moments. Nothing is perfect. A mature person realizes that every relationship will have annoyances and things we wish we could change. Focusing on the good stuff and accepting the minor stuff is what makes the difference between a health relationship and one that is full of stress and strife.

If a relationship is not healthy you can be sure it will tax your emotional and physical health. Move on and surround yourself with healthy people. Your b body, your mind and your souls will thank you.

Doctor Lynn


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