Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Life Becomes what life does –Early Morning Workout

Get up, get out of bed and get to the gym!’s cold and I’m tired. But I have a class to teach at 7AM on a cold rainy winter’s day. I’d rather stay in bed and sleep.

I get up and go because I am committed to teach. I want to give up the class. It’s too early in the morning for me and I already teach another cycle class at noon on Monday. My body is telling me that I’m getting older and that I cannot push it the way I used to push it. Joints ache and my energy depletes. I’m not twenty-five anymore and I’m not happy about it!

I’m up, dressed and ready to go. It’s not so bad once you get moving. The gym is quiet today. It’s raining and it’s Monday. I’m here so I might as well wake up and get with the program. Only eight people today but they all smile and enthusiastically begin to spin their wheels.

We exchange a few smiles and a few laughs but otherwise it’s a quiet group. I’m quiet too. My energy is mellow and a little hung up in grey just like the day. But by the end of the class I’m feeling good and so glad I got up and taught my class today. My week has a start that is positive. What I did in the last hour is what I have now become. A well paced soul who got out of bed ad started the day with a good workout, a few smiles and a couple of laughs. It may be raining and grey but I am smiling and sunny.

Life does become what life does.

Doctor Lynn

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