Monday, January 24, 2011

A Successful Life It was only a Dream

Last night I spent a lot of time dreaming. I have been wearing Invisiline (plastic trays to straighten teeth) for the last 6 months. I dreamed I lost them. I was so upset to tell my husband I had to get another pair which would cost an additional $300.00. Already we are a few thousand into these things. It was a dream full of anxiety. I woke up felt the trays in my mouth and sighed with relief. It was only a dream.

A long time ago I studied dreaming. Seems there are many theories and many interpretations of dreams but why and how we dream what we do is still a mystery. My husband believes it has to do with the food you eat for dinner. Some people think it is stress and others think it is something that is repressed.

I had a barrata salad with a wonderful pate and a glass of red wine. Could it have been the wine or the pate? I was under a lot of pressure yesterday to get out two interviews for my new book. I’ve been feeling tired and over worked. My husband and I are doing fine. All the family is healthy. I don’t feel stressed and anxious so why did I dream such a ridiculous dream?

I woke up guilt-ing myself about all my bad habits. Vowing again to get them under control. The anxiety made me feel a little out of control and I like to feel in control of my life. I am a little more lacks these days as I am not under the pressure and stress of my earlier years. I got up and wrote down the four things I need to modify in my life. May-be these concerns are the cause of my dreams?

It was only a dream and I woke up to find my life in tack. The sun is rising. It’s about to be a beautiful day. My work is almost done and again I will beat a deadline which is something I enjoy doing. As for the things I need to modify in my life….I made a list to remind myself – all things in moderation – that’s balance- that’s practicing yoga at its best.

Doctor Lynn

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