Thursday, December 30, 2010

A Successful Life Things Don’t Add Up

The party was a bore. It was very small and mostly comprised of the new girlfriend’s friends. No ex’s and very controlled. She seemed to be in charge which seemed strange but at least there wasn’t a parade of people all connected through romance gone stale.

My intuition and observation told me that things did not add up. The connection was not clear. The host was from another time and place while the girlfriend and her friends were from a much younger era and clearly not in the same league as the host. Things just didn’t add up. Rock and roll early fifty meets artsy seventy-five? But that was just my observation. I’ll reserve judgment and watch quietly as the story unfolds.

Today it is raining and I don’t even want to go out. I would love to stay home all day nestles in my warm cozy robe and do nothing but read and sleep. But that would be lazy of me. Things don’t add up. It’s not like me to be lazy. Usually I’m up and moving even when I’m not feeling good. But then I realize I’m not feeling good and that’s exactly why my energy is low – so things do add up.

Some times in life things don’t add up. 2 + 3 don’t equal 4! And 2+2 cannot be found. Have you ever been in a situation where things didn’t make sense? Or was it your own perception that clouded the view? Most times if you examine the situation things become perfectly clear. But when you get that odd feeling that things aren’t as they are made out to be – it’s a good idea to listen with your eyes, your ears and your perception.

Your intuition is a good guide if you don’t let judgment and critical thinking get in the way. Last night I observed quietly the nuances of the situation. I left with a haunting perspective that only time will tell if my intuition is right. Either way – the party was a bore and adding things up is not something I think I will focus on today. Today I’ll focus on feeling better. May-be I’ll just stay inside on a rainy day and be grateful that I don’t need to venture out into the world today. I’ll just get up- get dressed and make the most of the day. That way things will add up just like 2+2 = 4!

Doctor Lynn

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