Thursday, December 02, 2010

A Successful Life – a good friend who appreciates your efforts

Having a friend who takes the time to give you constructive feedback and support you through all of your efforts is living a successful life. It has been said if you can count the number of good friends on one hand you are a lucky person. People come and go in our lives but some remain friends forever.

Working hard and having others appreciate your efforts makes the difference between success and failure. When you work hard because you truly love what you are doing and then it is reflected back with appreciation is one of the highlights of life. Every one likes to be appreciated.

One of the fundamental aspects of a healthy and good relationship is to appreciate each other. It takes work to show appreciation. Often times, especially in close relationships we only see the negative. It’s easy to find fault and express criticism. Appreciation takes thought and thoughts become the manifestation of our reality. When we see others, and the world for that matter, through the eyes of appreciation our reality softens. The world looks a little brighter and life takes on a tinge of joy.

Sadly sometimes it takes a major issue in life to make us stop and appreciate the good things. Everyone has something to appreciate. Perhaps if we would take the time to stop and reflect upon our lives we would see the beauty, the gifts and the pleasures that are bestowed upon us. Most of those come through our relationships. Friends and family are the support and foundation of a successful life.

Take a moment today and appreciate someone and something that makes your life a pleasure. Focus on it and watch what happens to your body and your mind. I bet you’ll smile and feel a sense of happiness and joy and isn’t that what it’s like to live a successful life?

Doctor Lynn

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