Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Successful Life A Community Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Only in Malibu California can you sit at a local bar and share a grilled cheeses sandwich with four strangers. Travel forty minutes outside of Westwood/Beverly Hills area and you enter a very different world – Malibu California. It’s not all surf, bikinis and beautiful people. It’s so much more.

Last Sunday we went to Malibu for brunch at a funky place called the Old Place. It’s a bit of a hole in the wall but with a lot of character and charm. It’s located off the beaten path in a rural area. It’s a local hangout with a reputation. We read about it in the Los Angeles Magazine so thought we would give it a try since the food sounded good and the ambience sounded like fun.

We pulled into the driveway and entered the tavern through an open door that stepped right into what looked like an old time saloon. There were only four tables – all occupied and a long community bar. We took two seats near the end of the bar. Soon another couple sat next to us and then another couple next to them. Everyone was friendly, smiling, chatting and having fun.

We ordered the special cinnamon rolls which are absolutely wonderful! Then we followed it with a frittata that was enormous and equally as good. Everyone was drinking mimosas which consisted of a 16ounce glass filled ¾ with Champaign and ¼ orange juice. Let’s just say that at noon on a Sunday everyone was in good spirits!

The couple next to us ordered the French toast and a grilled cheese sandwich on sourdough bread that looked delicious. It was lightly grilled in truffle oil with three kinds of cheese melted and gooey inside. The woman next to the couple asked if the sandwich was good. The woman told her it was to die for and offered her a bite since it was far more than she could eat. So the woman next to her took a couple of bites and moaned with delight. Her boyfriend then took a bite and shook his head and licked his lips. They then passed the half eated sandwich to us and we each took a bite and then returned it to its rightful owner. Three couples all strangers sharing a grilled cheese sandwich while drinking mimosas at a bar on a Sunday afternoon. Only in Malibu!

If you live near Malibu try the Old Place. The food is great and it’s a fun place to meet people and if you’re lucky share a grilled cheese sandwich with perfect strangers. Look up Old Place Malibu on the internet for directions, times and menu.

Doctor Lynn

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