Friday, December 03, 2010

A Successful Life A Problem turns into a Gift

Several weeks ago I ordered a product from a company and elected to have it home delivered through a service that promoted itself as being associated with the company. The product never arrived. When I tried to get a response the delivery company ignored me. So I emailed the manufacturer direct and told them the problem. Seems they did not know that the delivery company was offering to deliver the product and in fact had not given them permission to promote it as such. I had uncovered a glitch on their website.

I love their product and it is hard to find in the stores because they are a new company. So I asked if I could now order some product. They offered to send me some for free as a thank you for helping them. I had originally ordered about 6 bottles. They delivered me four cases of different flavors for me to try. They want me to be an ambassador for the product. That’s easy because I really like it and it’s a good product.

So we are going to meet next week. The problem turned into a gift for me and a voice for them. The local delivery company did not even have the common courtesy to return my email and try to fix the problem. I don’t want to bash them but if you ever see Dr Soda…don’t opt for delivery!

Now the product I will disclose in my newsletter next month. It’s free and only comes once a month through your email. I promote from time to time great health and fitness products as well as health tips and yoga moments (taking a few moments to reflect on life). Just go to and sign up for the newsletter. Don’t worry your email is safe. I respect your privacy ad safety.

If you have anything you’d like to send me ( if I like the product I’ll promote it)

So you see a problem sometimes can find a solution that comes in the form of a gift. And if you are lucky it benefits not only you but helps a fledgling as well. That is success; getting a gift while helping another succeed!

Doctor Lynn

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