Friday, December 17, 2010

A Successful Life a lunch date with the girls

Girl friends and girl talk is very important to most women. Perhaps it takes us back to the days when we were nestled together in a village totally reliant upon each other for emotional and survival support. Sometimes the little chats I have with my girlfriends after exercise classes are so enriching.

When a new student comes to my class and especially if they are new to the area they often seek me out at the end of the class. They want to chat. They seem to need the soothing and reassuring voice of a woman friend.

I remember all too clearly moving to Los Angles without any family or friends. I can still feel the loneliness that comes from being in a new place without a network of support. That is why I make it a point to welcome new people to my class and to reach out and give them a little support.

Recently I have met two women who are here from foreign countries. Their husband and fiancé brought them here because of their work. These women were very lonely and a bit lost. They found their way to my classes. Some days it was their only connection with the outside world. To see them smile when I said good morning and extended myself to them left me with a good feeling. I remember all too clearly the few people who reached out and befriended me when I was alone in a city that sometimes can be so cold.

Today I’m having lunch with two women who have become friends. Not especially close friends but good friends. I now reach out and work hard to maintain my friendships even though we all get busy. It takes work to make and maintain friendships but it is worth the effort.

Chatting up and laughing is what we all do best. Sometime we shed a few tears, but that is ok because it is all kept sacred between girl friends.

Doctor Lynn

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