Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Successful life Cheesecake Indulgence

Last night I shared a piece of rich and creamy New York Cheesecake with my husband. It was real New York Cheesecake; the kind I remember from living on the East Coast. It was delicious. It was a self indulgence of calories that once eaten made me realize that although it was delicious if I continued to eat more cheesecake it would leave an indelible mark. Self indulgence in small quantities can be fun and feel so good at the time but it is the end result that matters. For every action there is a reaction. Every cause has an effect.

Now you may be thinking – a little cheesecake indulgence is not all that bad. That’s right - it’s when the one piece turns into three that a little self indulgence becomes out of control. After I ate the cheesecake; I thought about the cheesecake. I reflected upon its ability to please my palette but only for a few short moments and then it was gone.

I’ve self indulged in things before. But always with a sense of control. I never wanted to step over the line of destruction. Actually I’m quite self disciplined. I wonder if this is an in bred gene or as the result of needing to maintain control because I never felt there was anybody there to take care of me.

As I ate the cheesecake last night I thought to myself – it’s a good thing I’m teaching two classes tomorrow. I need to balance out this little self indulgence with a little self discipline. That’s balance and balance is I believe the key to living a life that has joy, fun and play while at the same time keeping your feet on the ground and your center intact.

Doctor Lynn


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