Friday, December 10, 2010

A Successful Life – Doing what matters to you

Ever done something simple like clean your closet and feel really good at the end of the process? It’s a feeling of accomplishment and that is a feeling of success. When you get to do something that matters (to you) life takes on a happy glow. We all like to have time to do the things that matter to us even if they are simple things that in the big scheme of things mean nothing at all.

Yesterday I wanted to get my Skype up and running. I’ve had it connected for over a year and never used it. I decide it was time for me to make it work. It mattered to me that I accomplish this goal. So I took the time and set it up. I feel successful even though this is such a minor feat. The reason I feel successful is that I wanted to do it and I did it. I was proud of myself especially given the fact that most of my life I have been a “technofobe.” Suddenly I willing to test the boundaries and grow beyond my comfort zone.

Getting stuck and losing sight tend to make most people feel sad and unproductive. That is why learning something new gives us a sudden burst of energy. We are challenged and the challenge stirs emotion and the emotion stirs hormones and peptides and suddenly the body-mind is firing away with energy and enthusiasm.

If you want to lift yourself up – do something that matters to you, as long as it doesn’t hurt anyone and don’t worry about what anyone else thinks, says or does.

Doctor Lynn

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