Monday, December 27, 2010

A Successful Life Surviving Family Drama

There is always some kind of family drama in every family. It’s the stuff that bonds us and tears us apart. Sometimes we console and reconnect in a warm and intimate way through problems. It gives us the connection.

Every holiday brings some kind of drama to everyone’s life. What was yours? Mine was a situation I have been sworn to secrecy not to tell but gave me an opportunity to be a friend and a confidant as well as a mother to my son and my daughter. This is something we haven’t done in years. I have full confidence that only the best will come from all of this drama…that now exist in my world.

Why do we have such a love /hate relationship with emotions and drama? Without a little we do get bored. Nothing we love anymore than a little family gossip to keep things interesting. Family gatherings give us a chance to share memories and to gather new material and information. We reconnect through blood ties with people we hardly ever see but still somehow have such meaning in our lives.

Of course the best kind of drama is when we can step back with a smile and take it all in stride. Who cares if the dinner was a little over done, someone is always late for the party and plans need to be adjusted or changed. It’s our ability to be flexible and roll with the “snowballs” that make the difference between a family gathering that is enjoyed for all its idiosyncrasies and an event that is full of rigid frustration.

Soon the festivities are over for another year. The drama loses its grip and we all move on. It’s a time of patience and a time to remember that the true meaning of family gatherings is the bond and the love we share and not the drama of the moment.

Doctor Lynn

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