Tuesday, December 07, 2010

A Successful Life A Monday Morning Workout

Every Monday morning at 6 AM the alarm sounds. It’s time to get up and go teach my 7AM cycle class. It’s cold, dark and I am not awake. Every Monday morning, I think to myself; why am I doing this? But nevertheless I get dressed and head for the gym.

It’s a small class but a dedicated class. About an average of ten people all trying to get their workout in before they start their day and their week. Everyone is quiet. It takes me about fifteen minutes to wake them up and get them going.

At the end of the class everyone waves good-bye and nods and thank you to me. We all feel good. We all feel strong and ready to begin another week of work, play and life. It is the moment at the end of the class when everyone is smiling, awake and feeling good that I realize the reason I get up and teach this class is because feeling good with a smile on your face is the best way to start the week. It takes discipline to get up early and go to an exercise class. I’ve always noticed that those who implement a little self discipline into their lives seem to be happier people. Happier people create a successful life. That’s why I do it!

Doctor Lynn


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