Monday, December 20, 2010

A Successful Life Star Spotting and oh that laugh

Last night I was in a restaurant in Brentwood California when I spotted another star or who I thought was a star. Hollywood and the vicinity are full of look a likes so one is never sure if it is really a celebrity or not. It’s also a bit of a surprise to see a star in real life. They are out of context and often times don’t resemble the image you see on TV or in the movies.

My husband looked around the room and then asked me if it was her. I wasn’t sure but it sure looked a lot like her. She looked good for a woman her age. She must be in her eighties. So I watched her carefully without letting on that I was in a sense stalking her.

I’m sure most stars are used to being starred at in public places. Sometimes people stare at me in public places. I’m never sure why. Do I have something on my face? Is my hair a mess or do I have one of those faces that people like to stare at. We are all voyeurs of sorts and when we have someone really interesting like a star to watch in real life and in real time it makes it even more interesting.

There is an art to watching stars in a public place. Never get caught starring and if you do subtly look about the room as if you hadn’t even noticed they were sitting in the same restaurant. Nonchalantly you appear to glance but really you are taking in every detail while craftily not getting caught.

Suddenly her mouth opened and she let out a laugh that could only come from the real deal. No one could mistake that laughter for a anyone else than Phyllis Diller. I nodded to my husband – she’s real that’s her alright!

Our food was served. My stalking ended. The next time I looked up she was gone.

Doctor Lynn

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