Thursday, December 09, 2010

A Successful Life Staying Balanced

Last night I did not sleep well. Perhaps you’ve had nights where the nature of your work or the problems in your family keeps you tossing and turning. You think of things you need to do, things you should have done and mistakes you have made. It’s hard to let go of problems especially when the night is quiet and you are trying to sleep.

I usually sleep very well. I love to sleep;the more the better. It’s not that I didn’t sleep. It’s that my sleep was light and a bit fitful so I woke up feeling tired. I’m teaching yoga this morning. That will bring me back into balance.

Balance is found in quietude. It takes simultaneously stillness and focus to reach a state of balance. When moving into a balancing pose one must be still but also focus the body and the mind on one spot, one position and one breath, to find both physical and mental balance. It only happens for a moment and then suddenly we change poses and the process begins again. And isn’t that life?

As soon as we find a state of inner balance life challenges us with change. Change is a constant and something we must continually confront in an attempt to maintain balance and stability in our lives. That is why it is best to seek balance in all things and in all things find balance.

Doctor Lynn

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