Wednesday, December 08, 2010

A Successful Life Music for Stress

Are you spending big bucks to chill out at a spa? A study reported in Depression and Anxiety found that patients who spent time relaxing using deep breathing and listening to soothing music reduced stress and anxiety by 50 percent.

Relaxation and meditation have long been used as simple and effective tools for reaching altered states of being. Simply relaxing for fifteen minutes a day every day can reduce stress, anxiety and produce long lasting changes in your levels of pleasure producing neurochemicals. If you have a daily session for two weeks, you may undergo a “threshold effect” in which you go through dramatic and long lasting personality changes.

Don’t have fifteen minutes to spare? I bet you can find five minutes a day to relax. Download my relaxation meditation video complete with five minutes of soothing music. Just five minutes a day through a guided meditation will give you long lasting and significant changes in the energy of your body and your mind.

Go to my website where you can download the guided meditation video or download the fifteen minutes of soothing guitar music; listen, relax and focus on releasing your stress and anxiety.

There are many things we can do to relieve stress and anxiety. Taking a long walk, laughing with friends, doing yoga and simply sitting quietly breathing deep and listening to soft and soothing music are natural and healthy things that have been proven to reduce stress and anxiety.

Music or sound vibrations are great natural health tools that resonate with the body-mind bringing balance, peace and serenity. Just give it a try and observe what happens to your body and your mind.

Doctor Lynn

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