Friday, July 16, 2010

Back Story Post 9 July 16

It was at this time that I found the secret to completing my nectars. There had been one thing missing from the formula. It’s funny how life works. You open one door and like Alice through the rabbit hole you encounter one adventure after another. I had the formula for my nectars tucked away with the mother tincture. But I had not found the missing ingredient that would give it taste and delivery. I also needed someone to produce it for me.

One day I read an article in a magazine by a local Doctor who was combining allopathic medicine with alternative medicine. He was here in LA. So I found his address and phone number and contacted him. I told him about my background and he agreed to see me. He suggested I get in touch with an organization that was spearheading alternative movement and get on their advisory broads. With his recommendation I became a board member.

I became friends with one of the staff. I told her about my nectars and my desire to get them made. She sent me to the man who was manufacturing their products and suggested he might know someone. I met him and he did know someone who could put my formulas together and create my Doctor Lynn’s Nectars. The missing ingredient (a secret) came to me in a dream. I contacted the company and they knew exactly how to produce my nectars and the rest is history. You can read more about the nectars in my new e-book at 0r go to the products section at

I sold the nectars to my clients and through my lectures. I wrote, got a few books and article published, taught yoga, saw clients and spent time deeply absorbed into the world of natural medicine. But there was something missing from my life. Something that had been missing for a long time. It was…

Doctor Lynn

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