Monday, July 19, 2010

Back story Post 10 July 19

Love, true deep, lasting love… I began the quest to find true love. In the search I discovered the nectar of love and the secret to a sensual, loving and sexual life. There was something compelling that kept me in Los Angeles. I had the feeling for a long time that I was meant to be in LA because this is where I would find love. However I had been here about 10 years and had dated steadily for the last 4 years without much luck. Yes I met e few nice guys and yes I met a lot of BS artist but for some reason I could not leave.

I was asked to do a lecture on a cruise ship, all expenses paid to Europe. It did not take me long to agree to the trip. I had never done a cruise before although I had traveled alone and really enjoyed the adventure. All I had to do was lecture three times about natural health and yoga and the rest of the time I was on my own. We left out of Miami, Trans Atlantic to Madeira Portugal, to Lisbon, around Spain to Gibraltar, across to Tangier Morocco with a stop in Mallorca and on to Barcelona. The whole trip was about three weeks. In those days you could carry a lot of clothes. I took two suit cases full of dresses, shoes and evening attire. Where else can you get to dress up and attend an evening ball?

Once in Miami I took the bus to the ship and boarded. Everyone was happy. Drinks were served and we all mingled waiting for the departure. Five days at sea with nothing to do but relax and attend various lectures on a variety of subjects. I would speak three times as we crossed the Atlantic and then I was on my own to explore the ports of call. Now I know you’re wondering what this has to do with love. I’m getting to that.

The second night we had a captains’ ball. I got all dressed up and went to the ball room where there was a line waiting to be greeted by the captain and the staff. Everyone was dressed in gowns and tuxedos. The crew knew I was alone (they know everything) so they arranged for me to meet a man about my age( well a little younger) who was also alone. I was to meet him inside. As I stood in line a gentleman, I guessed to be about 20 years older than me approached me and introduced himself. His name was Frank. He said he saw me board the ship. We chatted as we moved through the line. He was short and stout with a balding head but there was something very cute about him, especially dressed in his tuxedo. He was very smart and very sophisticated. He was a retired American lawyer who had been born and raised Greece. The ship’s final port of call was Greece and he was going to Greece to spend a few months with some friends.

Once inside the ball room we said good-bye and I was escorted by the staff to meet my date for the evening. He was handsome, young, tall and lean. I could tell he liked me immediately. Although he was nice he lacked the masculine take charge energy that so attracted me to certain men. All the attributes of an eligible and good looking man were present but the chemistry was lacking.

I enjoyed the evening but wasn’t sure I wanted to be his date for ht entire cruise. The next morning everything about the trip changed…

Doctor Lynn

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