Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Back story –post 6 July 13

Now I won’t bore you with all the details of my early life but let’s just say we were way too young to be married and to become parents; two times over. I knew nothing about myself, life or what it meant to be in love and have a good marriage. We moved onto the mainland of the town which was part of the Island I grew up on. It is a large peninsula which is the official and actual town. The islands (one of which I grew up on) are owned by the town. (I found myself back where I started, in a small town trying to conform and fit in like a fish out of water. (no pun intended)

At a young age with two small children I decide I could no longer be married to a young guy who was not a bad guy; I just did not love him and could not see myself spending the rest of my life with him in this town and living this lifestyle. So I asked for a divorce, which was by itself a major issue, let alone the children and the fact that I announced I was moving to the city and going back to school at the university. I was told that I had gone mad and that it was impossible. I would fail. Now I am not one to be told “no”. No is just another word for, “oh yea, just watch me!” So I returned to school and reemerged three years later with a degree in Communication and a 3.8 GPA! I went to work, bought a house, raised my children, went to school at night and dreamed of leaving Maine.

While in school I took a course in health and fitness. It was an elective. I loved it and soon began to devour books and classes that had to do with fitness and health. I took a class that I was told was just a fad – it was called aerobic dance. I loved it. I took a yoga class. I loved it. And so I began to take classes and then decided that I too could teach a class. I drove to Boston and sat for a four hour exam to get American Council of Exercise certified. I started teaching classes part-time after work and have continued to teach exercise classes for twenty-years. Now along the way I acquired a PhD in health and a Doctorate of Naturopathy. Diet, exercise and the natural science became my background; however in the early days it was nearly impossible to support a family in this field of endeavor. So I worked at jobs that were tough and dreamed of a time when I could do what I wanted and express my creative self.

I remember vividly sitting at my kitchen drinking a cup of coffee and dreaming of leaving Maine, creating a product, writing a book and finding love. But here I was in Maine with no way out or so it appeared. And no great plan but I still held onto my desire.

I would read and reread Think and grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. It was my inspirations. I would read over and over – even if you don’t have a firm plan get started and hold onto your dreams. About ten years prior a guy I met asked me what I wanted to do with my life. I told him make a million dollars. He gave me the book and told me to read and reread it. I still have the book today, almost thirty years later and I did read it and reread it until the pages are nearly falling out of the book. It inspired me to seek my dreams. One day I mentioned to a woman I barely knew that I wanted to leave Maine and go to Los Angles. How I was going to do it, I did not know. Little did I know that she would …

Doctor Lynn


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