Thursday, July 15, 2010

Back Story – Post 8 July 15th

You all know the story of Peter Pan? Well after one year in LA I met my real life Peter Pan. Every woman has met a Peter Pan. He’s the guy that is playful and fun but never wants to grow up. You get caught up in the adventure and fun but at a cost to responsibility. I am a very responsible person. I had to be in order to survive. Peter built a life based upon irresponsible behavior. He could lose everything and in a flash something would happen to pull him through and then he would lose it all again. But I learned so much from him. He taught me affection and caring and made me extremely street wise. I was very naïve when I met him. I was book smart and street stupid. He was not so book smart but very street wise. We traveled explored different cultures and went into business together developing a garment line that we sold nationally. We had a third partner. He and Peter clashed and the business went south! Peter exposed me to the bowels of the garment business and the bowels of a big city. He exposed me to the finer things in life. Peter could travel anywhere and always knew where to find adventure and fun. He was addicting for those reasons. However you can only play for so long before you realize that time is slipping away and the reality of responsibility and your future demands that you grow up. Peter is still playing. He never grew up. In some ways his life appeared fun and in some ways in appeared a disaster. It’s all in how you looked at it. I had to move on.

This was when I decide to finish my Ph.D. ND. While writing my dissertation I met Amanda the woman who taught me how to make potions. I was studying herbal medicine and she helped me to take the little potions I was making to a higher level. The story is in my book, Sex Matters and Pleasure Delights. I also met Marcel. He owned an aromatherapy company. He was a Frenchman with a long ponytail and the most paranoid person I had ever met. He hired me to be the corporate educator. I flew around the country lecturing on aromatherapy. My dissertation combined the two disciplines; herbal medicine and aromatherapy. Marcel was from Provence. He was a chemist turned aromatherapist. He was brilliant and created a beautiful line of products but he was cheap and paranoid. He alienated everyone he met. I was very good at selling and teaching and this became a problem for him. He was afraid I would steal his trade secrets and start my own company. We parted company. I could not work under such a paranoid person who treated other people with total disrespect. The last I heard he stashed away several millions in Europe and then jumped ship and left the company in nearly bankrupt.

So for the next four years I wrote, started a small practice, taught yoga and lived a quiet and peaceful existence. For the first time in my life I lived by myself. My children were grown and independent and I was on my own to do as I pleased. Without the responsibility of children I took the time to get to know me. This led me to…

Doctor Lynn

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