Saturday, October 11, 2014

Yoga Lesson – The One Who Sees and Knows

If you control your mind you control everything. You are both the seer and the knower. You see and you know. But you are neither your body nor your mind. You are the peaceful quiet energy of your soul. To understand, imagine that I ask you to look in a mirror. The mirror is curved and concave. The image you see will not be an accurate reflection of your face. It will be a distortion. If I make the mirror perfectly smooth and clean you will see your reflection without any distortions. Only then can you truly see your reflection.

The mind is like a mirror. If it is muddy, wavy or dirty, you will begin to think this is the true you. You will see all sorts of distortions such as anger, hate, fear and stress. But if the mind becomes clear and smooth like the perfect mirror you will see your true self which is quiet, calm and peaceful.

When the mind cease to create citta (mind stuff) it is perfectly clear of the movement (distortion) we create with our emotions and our thoughts. The mind then sees and knows itself as still and calm like a placid lake. It is the true seer and the knower.
The true you, is always the same, but you appear to be distorted because of the citta that goes through your mind. By making the mind pure and calm you go back to your original state of being, which is calm, quiet and at peace.

This is not an easy task. Nothing is achieved without practice. That is why we practice yoga.


Doctor Lynn

The true you is always the same. It is the mind with its thoughts, desires and emotions that distorts our view. Quiet the mind and experience the real you – the one who sees and the one who knows. Control your thoughts and you control everything.

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