Saturday, October 04, 2014

Yoga and Citta -Liberate Yourself

Citta is the mind stuff. It is our thoughts, emotions and processing center. The mind has different levels. There is the ego or the “I’. Then there is the part of the mind that gets attracted to outside senses.

A want arises, then an effort takes place to fulfill that want, and once you fulfill it you are back to your original place of peace. So naturally you are a state of peace. It is the citta that disturbs you.
The entire world is based upon your thoughts and your mental attitudes. It is from here you project the world. But remember what may make you happy today may be meaningless tomorrow.

Yoga is not about changing the outside world. It is about learning how to control the inner world or the citta. Yoga has a saying, “as the mind so the person.” Bondage and liberation are in your mind. If you feel bound by the world you will be bound and if you feel liberated you will be liberated.
Nothing is achieved without practice. This is why we practice yoga.

Doctor Lynn

Try a seat twist pose. Just sit in easy pose or even in a chair. Take a deep breath and twist your spine to one side. As you twist into the pose, ask yourself, do I feel twisted like a knot or liberated by the range of motion given to me by my spine.

If you learn to control your mind, you control everything. Then there is nothing in the world to bind you.

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