Saturday, October 25, 2014

Free Yoga lesson – Pleasure and Pain

There are things in life that bring us pleasure and there are things that bring us pain. But often times those things that brings us pleasure turn into pain and those that bring pain turn into pleasure.

An example; to love someone or something brings us pleasure. But that very same love can also bring us unhappiness, hatred, sadness and jealousy.
Anger can bring pain, but if the anger is there to correct an injustice or a problem it can bring great joy and happiness.

The question is all a matter of motive. Whatever the thought is, if there is selfishness behind it, it will only bring you pain. So it is up to us to develop selfless thoughts; thoughts without expectations or motives. This means to live in the moment, pure and simple, happy and content with life as it is. If it appears painful turn inward and examine your thoughts. Likewise if it appears pleasurable turn inward and examine your thoughts.

Yoga is about stopping, being quiet and analyzing your thoughts, words and deeds. Be selfless. Make others happy and you will always be happy and find peace.   
Is this easy? No. That is why we practice yoga. If you want to achieve anything (happiness) you must practice.

Doctor Lynn

There are things that will bring you pleasure and there are things that will bring you pain. But remember pain can turn to pleasure and pleasure can turn to pain, so don’t get attached. Bring happiness to the world and you will bring happiness and peace into your life.

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