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A Recipe for Sex - Shrimp - it’s no little thing

Are those little sweet crustaceans really a sex tonic? Famed French mistress, Madame DuBerry served her shrimp in Champagne sauce. Casanova’s traveling companion, Agnolo Torredano, said of shrimp that it was the “food of life that makes it possible for the cold, old body to still enjoy the heat of passion.”

In the United States spicy shrimp gumbo has a long history of being a salacious stew. And a little farther south in the Caribbean it is believe that eating shrimp during sex doubles the pleasure. What is it about these little creatures that are so sexy?

Shrimp provide iodine which is essential to the thyroid gland and basal metabolism. Iodine deficiency has been documented as reducing sex drive. Like many forms of seafood, shrimp offer iodine and omega-3 fatty acid – great for circulation and vital in the battle against aging. Shrimp also serve up a good portion of zinc and iron- two erotic minerals. When digested shrimp protein breaks down in the body to produce the amino acid phenylalanine, which increases levels of sex boosting neurotransmitters in the brain.

Archeologists have found evidence that shrimp and other crustaceans such as lobster, were eaten by sea-dwelling humans. I grew up off the coast of Maine in a small fishing village. My family fished for shrimp in the harsh winters of Maine. Shrimp Pea Wiggle was a dish we ate in the winter. I always thought my mother made up this name as a fun way to get us to eat our dinner, but it turns out that Shrimp Pea Wiggle is a New England dish. Nobody seemed to know where it originated from but it was a staple in New England cuisine.

Shrimp Pea Wiggle is shrimp tossed into a béchamel sauce with peas added and served over toast points. It is hearty and warm on a cold winter’s day. Everyone in the family went to work to create this dish.

The fresh shrimp would be brought in off the boats caught by the family fisherman and then we would all go to work de-heading and shelling the little creatures. My mother would make the sauce and create the dish. Unfortunately, for me if you have eaten fresh shrimp right off the boat anything else is tasteless.

May-be the name has a sexual undertone. Shrimp Pea Wiggle just might make you wiggle and it certainly will make you giggle and isn't wiggling and giggling a part of good sex? Perhaps there is more to this dish than a hearty meal?

Whatever the origin, seafood and especially the Mediterranean diet, which is mostly fish and seafood, provides us with essential nutrients that gets the metabolic fires burning and boost the sexual neurons making shrimp no little sexual thing! 

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