Friday, October 10, 2014

Hydrophilic Foods

Do you know what they are and why you should eat them?

Translated form Greek, hydrophilic means “loving water.”  In terms of food and nutrient it means foods that attract and retain water. They fill you up without filling you out!

These foods are packed with soluble fiber which attracts water and forms a gel-like solution that slows down digestion. As a result these foods make you feel fuller longer. They help you to manage and even lose weight. Further because they are slower to digest they help to keep your blood sugar level and keep insulin in check. Another benefit is that they can help to lower LDL cholesterol.

Here is a list of ten (although there are many) hydrophilic foods to add to your grocery list:

 Oatmeal, agar, Brussel sprouts, barley, okra, kidney beans, oranges and pears.

Because you are what you eat!

Doctor Lynn

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