Thursday, October 30, 2014

Spiritual Fitness

Remember we are all just energy that has taken on a unique form in order to live out our evolution. No life is any better or any worse.

According to Eastern thought, our being consists of seven layers of energy. The final and most noticeable layer of energy is the gross physical body. This layer of energy vibrates at a frequency lower than the other layers, which accounts for its visibility in the physical world. The higher frequency layers cannot be seen, but still have an effect on our physical self. All of the layers of energy are interdependent and cannot be separated. As long as consciousness exists the layers of energy are joined.
The seven layers of energy are as follows. The first is the physical self, the second is the etheric self or the vital energetic self (known as the aura), the third is the astral or emotional self, the fourth is the mental self where thoughts are formed, the fifth is the spiritual or intellectual self, the sixth is the cosmic self (sometimes called the “pure intelligent self”), and the seventh is like the Tao impossible to name, as it is beyond name and form. It is the integration and balance of all the layers of energy that create a harmonious aura and thus a healthy body-mind. Spiritual fitness is being able to harness the infinite energy of the cosmos through the spiritual self. We then use the energy to bring balance and harmony to the other layers of our being, resulting in health and fitness in the body-mind. The blended, healthy aura projects our strength, balance, and centered nature. We exude self-confidence, peace and happiness.
Doctor Lynn

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