Thursday, October 09, 2014

Spiritual Fitness and Aero*boga

Aero*boga is about acknowledging and activating the life force that surrounds everything and is a part of everything in the universe. It is called Prana. This force of energy affects us all. It vitalizes everything in the universe and is responsible for the movement of all consciousness.

Integrating this conscious energy into the body-mind allows us to tap into the spiritual energy of our soul. The spirit is the energy force and the soul is the memory track of your being. Nothing leaves the soul. 

The cosmic dance is the movement of the energy of the universe swirling around.  Fight tis energy and life becomes a black hole. Embrace it and life becomes dance. As we dance to this energy, so we become. This is Spiritual Fitness.
All of life is a cosmic dance of energy. Consciousness allows us to direct it, in any way that we will.

Doctor Lynn

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