Saturday, October 18, 2014

Yoga Lesson - Who are you?

You are the one who knows and the one who sees. But who are you? If you answer this with, your name, your occupation, your status, your height, your weight or the color of your eyes, you begin to identify yourself (your body) with the thoughts in your mind.  But without any identification, who are you?

If we detach ourselves from all the things we identify ourselves with, we find the pure “I” and this pure “I’ is nothing more than pure energy.  Everything in the universe is made up of energy. The difference in persons, places and things is found in the molecular structure and the movement of energy. Water is molecules of energy. If we speed up the energy (heat it) it becomes steam and if we slow it down it becomes ice. It’s still the same water.

So if we look behind the different forms of energy we will find one unchanging consciousness known as the spirit.

No two individuals are alike in body and in mind. But we are all the same spiritual force of energy. Behind all of life is one never changing force; spirit. It is our minds that construct and identify the world into persons, place and things. So by simply changing our minds we can change everything.
Yoga is based upon self- reformation, self- control and self- adjustment. Simply, this means that is any given situation we have the power to change our point of view, then we must apply the discipline it takes to hold that point of view and then apply it to the situation.

Example: you are angry at someone. Change your point of view. See this person with compassion. They are no different that you or me. Now hold that compassion no matter how much your mind tries to draw you back into a state of anger. Then interact with them with a sense of compassion and understanding. You have reformed, controlled and adjusted to the situation is a compassionate and understanding way.

Not easy. Nothing is achieved without practice. That is why we practice yoga.

Doctor Lynn

The basis of yoga is self- reformation, self- control and self- adjustment. Change your mind and you change everything.

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