Saturday, November 08, 2014

The Vrittis – thoughts that create both pleasure and pain

The first Vrittis is right knowledge. How do we know? We perceive by seeing something. We infer. When we see smoke we infer there is a fire. The third is by having a reliable source tell us something. By reliable source we mean the truth. This does not mean you do something just because a reliable source tells you to do it. It means that the source must come from a place of truth. In yoga we refer to this as the scriptures.

It is important to remember that the truth is always the same. We may modify it and present it in different words or forms to fit our needs, but the truth always remains the same. Likewise you are the same person even when you change your clothes to fit an occasion. You would not wear a suit to go skiing, but you are still the same person even though you have changed your clothes.
Who are you? Are you the business person or the skier? No, you are always  you no matter what you are wearing.

Always examine and question. Truth comes from a place of reliable knowledge and knowledge leads to wisdom.

Yoga provides scripture which are thousands of years old and have proven the test of time as reliable sources that bring health, happiness and peace to body, the mind and the soul.
But nothing is achieved without practice. So this is why we practice yoga.

Choose wisely where and how you receive information. There are three ways we get valid knowledge, perception, inference and a reliable source. Whether the information is valid or not, ultimately you need to set it aside and find peace. Slowly remove that which does not serve you and help you to evolve and become a more conscious being. Hold onto that which elevates you to a higher realm of being. Know the truth and it shall set you free.


Doctor Lynn

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