Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Vrittis- our thoughts

The vrittis are the whirling of the mind. There are five types. The first is correct knowledge. This is based upon truth. The second is incorrect knowledge. Misconceptions occur when knowledge of something is not based upon its true form. Let’s say you see me walk by without a smile. I don’t even notice you or stop to say hello. You infer that I am angry, but the truth is I have something pressing on my mind and I did not notice you. I am not angry. You have a false perception based upon inaccurate information. But this still created a feeling of sadness and confusion for you.  The feeling is real for you even if it is incorrect.

It is not the vrittiis that are good or bad. Correct knowledge can be used in a harmful way just as incorrect knowledge can be helpful. It is the effect the vrittis have on the mind that we need to examine. The whirling and churning of the mind disturbs our peace.

It is through understanding that we gain the ability to observe our thought processes and through this we learn to control them. Control your mind and you control everything.

But nothing is achieved without practice.

The vrittis obscure the view of our real self. Like the surface of a lake on a moonlit night our mind when still reflects perfectly reality. But with even a small ripple caused by a thought, reality is distorted. Thoughts will arise. That is the nature of the mind. Examine your thoughts. Control your mind and you control everything.

Doctor Lynn

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