Wednesday, November 26, 2014

A Recipe for Sex – Be an Herbivore

Those little jars of herbs sitting on the shelf are calling your name. Sweetly and romantically they are seducing you into the sensory world where you can taste the passion of desire, lust and love making. Herbs are nature’s answer to both flavor and medicine. Green and full of nutrients herbs do a multitude of task. Among them is the ability to enhance our sexual health. So try being an herbivore.
Herbs such as basil have long been used as a culinary herb in many cuisines throughout the world; most notably Italian. There are many varieties of basil depending upon where it is grown. Basil is originally native to Iran. The word Basil comes from the Greek word meaning king. It is believed that basil grew above the spot where Constantine and Helen found the Holy Cross. It is therefore called the king of herbs.

Recently there has been much research in to the health benefits of basil. The essential oil of the basil plant has been shown to have antioxidant, antiviral, anticancer and antimicrobial properties. In aromatherapy basil oil is used to treat mental exhaustion and depression.

Basil has a long history as being used as an aphrodisiac. Because its scent induces a sense of well being, it is believed that the smell of basil is helpful for getting, “in the mood”, which is conducive to having great sex. Don Juan supposedly would take fresh basil leaves and squeeze them into a tomato drink before each conquest. Basil leaves placed in the bottom of a glass of wine is believed to excite one sexually. And as oil defused in aromatherapy it is used to cure all kinds of headaches. Use basil and no more headache excuses!

Basil is associated with the love goddess, Erzulie who is known for her beauty, sensuality, sweetness and love. In Wicca Basil can be found in any recipes for love spells, relationships and sexuality. In Italy sweet basil is grown in a pot on a windowsill to summon a lover.

It is said that the scent of fresh basil drives men crazy with lust. In ancient times women would dust themselves with fresh crushed basil to attract a man. Its uplifting fragrance promotes feeling of contentment, love, sweetness and desire – all a great recipe for sex!

The essential oil, what we aroma therapist call the “blood of the plant” is what gives basil it medicinal benefits. Rich in vitamin K and iron it helps blood to clot, gives us energy and its sweet scent uplifts and entices. More and more scientists are rediscovering the wonderful benefits of herbs. So if you want to add a little aromance your love life, add basil and you got a great recipe for sex.

Doctor Lynn

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