Thursday, November 06, 2014

Spiritual Fitness

It is important to remember that spiritual fitness is a process. This process begins with this first question: Why am I here in this place and living this life? The second step is assessing your lifestyle and implementing change. As long as the body-mind is thrashing about, it is difficult to achieve clarity. Clarity is what sets us on the spiritual path.

As consciousness begins to expand we see patterns of existence that have been dictating our lives. These forces are nothing more than patterns of energy that we have taken on for our own evolution. That is the purpose and true nature of our being. And just as we have taken on these patterns of energy, like the subatomic waves and particles, we participate in the dance of life (dance and dancer become one) and become the creator of our own destiny. This is known as self-mastery. As the veil of ignorance is removed, we discover that our purpose of being is simply about the discovery of vices and virtues. This process of discovery is found through the contents of our lives. When we discover our true mission, the drama and dynamics of life give way to the process of enlightenment.
Doctor Lynn

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