Friday, November 28, 2014

Change is the only absolute. Flexibility allows us to adapt to the changes in life.

Balanced and centered fluid motion ensures that we will always flow with change rather than resisting growth. Rigidity in the face of change creates resistance and stress. With enough force rigidity snaps and destruction is complete.
Evolution is an unfolding process of development or change. It is also the name of a scientific theory proposed by Charles Darwin that states that all species developed from earlier forms. It states that natural selection and random genetic mutation has altered the species over the course of 3.8 billion years ( Although it is true that we adapt and change with our environment, the latest methods of measuring the earth’s age shows that there has not been enough time for complex life forms to evolve from single- celled organisms. There also seems to be a missing link in every evolutionary line, human or otherwise and no transitional species showing evolution in progress between two stages has ever been found. Although survival depends upon evolution, evolution is more than simply the physical adaptation of the species to the environment. Behind this mystery of life, there appears to be an energy force so powerful that it pushes consciousness into existence. We call it prana or vital force. Its true nature is that of movement (change).
When we exist at the level of survival there is little room for thoughts, emotions and expansive creation. However, until we have attended to our basic needs we cannot evolve to higher states of being. It is believed that the defining moments in the development of the human culture are the result of some form of rituals. A ritual or a ceremony indicates an organized set of steps to celebrate or mark a special occasion. It would appear that the ability to transcend beyond pure animalistic sexual lust and survival was the ability to look upon and celebrate the bounty of life. If this is so, then our evolutionary path is one of honor. Honoring the creation of life is defining the emerging human tendency to reach beyond animal instincts. It is the ability to move beyond a fear (survival) based world and into a world that is void of fear and sees abundance everywhere.
Abundance means the ability to move beyond the fear of security over homes, relationships, possessions, and nourishment, in order to focus on the eternal provisions of nature. We no longer become weighed down by the struggle to survive. At the soul level, we know we will always receive as long as we are open to the bounty of the universe.
In the scriptures the fresh leaven shrew bread is forever present within the temple of God. This is simply an allegory for the abundance of life. It is only when we cut ourselves off from the sanctity of creation that we lose sight of the proliferation of nature. Miraculously, new life is created every day. Each moment, the dynamics of change take place. Letting go of the need to hoard, protect, fight, and lustfully pursue allows us to transcend the basic nature of existence and reach higher levels of existence where feelings and emotions give color and depth to our lives. Locking ourselves into the constant struggle to survive has the potential to block energy, ultimately leaving us with low vitality. It takes a lot of energy to uphold survival, because it is fear- based.
 So remember the most abundant thing in the universe is energy. We have the power to move and to adapt to change. Give and receive from the center of life connected by the heart. You are the vital force of energy. Use it wisely.
Doctor Lynn

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