Saturday, November 22, 2014

The Five Vrittis or the way our thoughts arise

The Five Vrittis or the way our thoughts arise

1.       We receive  correct knowledge
2.       We receive incorrect knowledge


 The Third is Verbal Delusion

A verbal delusion is an image that arises when hearing words.  In verbal delusion there is nothing there to see or validate, however you still conger a picture or develop a thought about whatever was said.
 A story by Swami Satchidananda best explains this. To para phrase; suppose I say to you that my husband was taking his car to the garage when he ran over several nails and punctured all four of his tires. So he had to remove the wheels and leave them with the mechanic for repair. He drove home very fast and got into an accident.  What do you say?

 Perhaps you say –“  Oh was he hurt “-You have only heard my words. You haven’t taken the time to think. If he gave all his wheels to be repaired he could not have driven his car home nor gotten into an accident. It didn’t happen, but you took it seriously enough to ask me about my husband.
Here is another example – His mother was a barren woman. It’s a verbal delusion, but it still made an impression on you.

It’s not that we should fear verbal delusion. We just need to learn to listen, to question and to decipher. So let; begin our class today and work on the third Vrittis –listening.

Nothing is achieved without practice and that is why we are here to practice yoga.

Listen carefully when others speak. Listen carefully when you speak. Then Listen deep within your soul and the best thoughts will away arrive. Just listen…..

Doctor Lynn

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