Saturday, November 14, 2015

Paris - Violence is ignorance, ego driven and attachment to hatred.

The obstacles we must overcome to find peace are removing ignorance and establishing awareness, learning to control the ego so that the ego does not get us into trouble and to both remove our attachment to things and remove our aversion to things. We all want happiness so we attach ourselves to that which makes us happy.  The things in life that make us unhappy we hate and run away from. We call this aversion or hatred. But again we need to realize that nothing has the power to make us unhappy. Both happiness and unhappiness only reflect or distort our own state of being. However, unhappiness is not necessarily a bad thing.

An example would be what happened in Paris. For me I felt very unhappy and even angry. Paris is my favorite city in the world. I felt compassion for the people of France, but also a sense of terror for the world.  The situation reflected my own inner values and respect for life. For the terrorists this situation made them happy. It reflected their values. I felt an aversion and a hatred for the perpetrators. Then I realized I needed to detach and find peace within myself. Hate creates hate and love creates love. So the best we can do is stand united with love and support for France and for the world. Hating the terrorists will not solve the problem. Respect for all of humanity on a united front by removing ignorance, surrendering the ego and detaching and letting go without indifference may not bring peace to the world, but it will bring peace to your soul. Peaceful souls united are a mighty force.

My unhappiness at the recent event in Paris reflected my value and respect for life and freedom. I am glad this situation made me unhappy. It made me aware of my inner beliefs. The world can be a horrific place. It can also be a beautiful place. Whatever the events in life let them reflect within you a value for life and a commitment to do no harm.

Doctor Lynn

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