Tuesday, November 24, 2015

A Yoga Moment – change a bad mood

Ever woken up in a “bad” mood? You create your own universe whether you are aware of it or not. Your moods set up a pattern that eventually manifest into your external world. Your moods create the nature of your day. How do we change these so called “bad” moods?

Yoga is a wonderful way to lift a bad mood and it only takes about three minutes! Sit cross legged and upright. Make your hands into fist and pull your arms back past the plane of your body or back so your fists are even with your chest. Press your chest out and take five deep breathes. Now inhale, hold your breath and punch one fist forward. When you can no longer hold your breath release it and pull your fist back. Now repeat on the other side. Then sit quietly and take a few deep breathes. Relax, open your eyes and begin your day

Using yoga poses we bring balance to the body by stretching it, flexing it, strengthening it and releasing it from its tense and drooping stature. This release then moves within and releases the mind from its “bad” mood by releasing endorphins or the nectar of happiness. Bathed in happiness there is a mood shift within and without. You are a reflection of the universe that exists within. Shine brightly!
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Have a happy day!

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