Thursday, November 19, 2015

Why are we here?

According to Karma yoga we are here to develop virtues of the soul. The soul wishes to cleanse itself of karma in order to connect again with the divine energy of the universe.

The only thing standing in the way is the ego. The ego, which no one has ever seen, is a powerful force. It’s amazing to me that everyone believes in the concept of the ego and yet no one has ever seen or measured an ego.

 On the other hand some people find it hard to believe in the spirit and yet it is equally a force that impacts our lives. The difference is that the ego separates us and the spirit unites us.

 The ego is perhaps the most difficult to release for it is what separates us from others. It is what makes us feel superior, unique and different.  It takes a lot of energy to uphold the ego. The ego keeps us from connecting with the universal energy, which is, full of bliss and harmony.

When you are in a flow with your ideas and actions we are free from the bonds of the ego. This is when we excel because there is no concern for the outcome, but rather the process of creation is all that matters. Truly great leaders, artists and creators simply moved with the flow of knowing that to be void of the ego frees one to produce at higher levels of consciousness.

Let’s get our energy moving.

Transcending the bonds of the ego we find happiness and bliss. When we are no longer concerned with the ego and how we are judged. In this we connect with the supreme energy known as the universal spirit. In this state we realize that we are free to create our reality and that our reality can easily become healthy, happy and peaceful. We just need to release ourselves from the bond of the ego.

Doctor Lynn

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