Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Can Caffeine Improve Your Exercise Performance?

Researchers reported in the Medicine of Science and Sports that a cup (actually 2-3 cups before a workout) of coffee does in fact enhance your performance and output. However, what they discovered was that it improved lower body big muscles, but not the upper body smaller muscles like the arms. Experimenting with cyclist they found that when cyclist worked at 60% capacity with caffeine the cyclist intensity improved with less muscle pain. But at full max neither perception nor pain decreased.

The conclusion – a cup of coffee can improve your energy output and performance, but like everything in life moderation is the key. One cup with a small bowl of oatmeal might be the best when it comes to fueling the body before a workout. Work smart and then cool down and stretch to prevent injuries and give the body time to recover. One more excuse for a Starbucks!
Doctor Lynn

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