Saturday, November 21, 2015

Obstacles: Ignorance, ego, aversion and clinging to life

In yoga it is said there are three primary fears; fear of not being loved, fear of rejection and fear of dying. But according to karma yoga we never die we simply recreate or reincarnate.

To best understand this think about instincts. We all have instincts and we all have things that come easily to us. Let’s say you can draw or play an instrument without ever taking a lesson. Supposedly you perfected this in another life. It’s called experience and that is why we are here on earth to experience life and develop virtues. If you do something over and over it becomes a habit. If you continue that habit it becomes part of your character. So be careful with your habits for they define your character.

Fear of death exists because we have experienced it before. We just don’t remember. That is because according to karma yoga when we reincarnate we experience a kind of amnesia; we don’t remember our past lives. So we cling to life because we are afraid to lose our life. We forget that everything is only temporary. The constant clinging to life creates fear and fear imprisons us. To overcome fear is to find peace and contentment.

Let’s get started and see if we can work on finding a state of peace and contentment. Clearing Fear – yoga pose (come to class for this)

So it is not that we should live life recklessly, but that we should live life fully with awareness by removing ignorance, from the soul by tempering the ego, remove hatred and replace it with love and stop fearing death. The body and the mind are on loan for this lifetime. Live in the moment with a sense of peace for life is eternal. But remember life becomes what life does so choose wisely. What you take with you from this life will materialize in the next life.

Happy Thanksgiving- take a moment and be grateful for all you have and then extend out to the entire universe energy of peace and good health.

Doctor Lynn

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