Saturday, November 28, 2015

Clinging- The struggle and the Strife

The law of the universe says that when something is taken away from you it will be replaced by that which you need more dearly. Energy is never lost. It simply changes form. We cling to life because we are ignorant of our own true nature. The ego over shadows our true nature with impressions gathered from all of our life’s experiences. We experience pain. The impression lingers long after the pain is gone. We fear experiencing the pain again. But is pain really ever the same? Isn’t each experience unique?  There is pain and then there is tooth pain, back pain, abdominal pain; each a unique pain. That is why it is important to be aware, control the ego, remove hatred and intolerance and stop clinging to anything.

Nothing is achieved without practice so let’s get started and see if we can practice detachment without indifference. Whatever comes up in your mind, let it go and be in the moment.

 Detachment - Remember this does not mean that you are indifferent or don’t care. You love your children, your family, your spouse, your pet, your parents and your friends. Don’t detach from the love just let go of the need to love and be loved. Let life happen. Things will come and things will go. The key is to remain balanced and centered within the strength of your soul no matter what comes your way. It’s all just passing moments.

Doctor Lynn

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