Saturday, November 07, 2015

Be the Happiness You Seek


The obstacles that prevent us from finding happiness and contentment begin with ignorance, which simply means we are unaware. The journey of yoga is to bring awareness to your consciousness. For example; what is serenity? If we are unaware of what it is and how it feels we may never experience it. Because we are ignorant of our true nature the ego arrives and it attaches itself to things for its own pleasure. But sometimes the things we attach ourselves to do not come or are taken away from us and we develop jealousy, anger and even hatred for those who make us suffer. That is why it is important to learn to detach, but without indifference. Happiness can never be found when we attach ourselves to things. Why? Because attachment brings fear of losing and fear of losing disturbs our sense of happiness.  Let’ practice letting go. You don’t need to remove anything from your life. You continue to love and seek pleasure, but with the ability to detach and allow life to flow. Everything comes and everything goes – stay detached and enjoy the moments.


Let go and let be. Happiness, serenity and peace are already within us. No one or thing can bring these to us. Everyone and everything that comes into our lives is only a reflection of our own inner sense of happiness and contentment. Happiness is found within and then it reflects outward into the world. Be the happiness you seek!

Doctor Lynn

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